This Very Extra Kylie Jenner Post Hints At Her Pregnancy

'Nothing's gonna hurt you, baby.'
PHOTO: Instagram/kyliejenner

A makeup-free Kylie Jenner took to Snapchat to recline on a lounger and captioned the video with the lyrics "Nothing's Gonna Hurt You Baby." The song lyrics are from a song by Cigarettes After Sex, and of course, everyone's wondering if this is a hint at her rumored pregnancy, which she has yet to confirm or deny. This family really knows how to string something out and make us really want it. Or drive us nuts. Potato, potato.

What do you think? Is this a hint or just a song? Or am I overthinking everything and should just go get brunch? Probably the last one but I can't do that right now because I have to stay here and obsess. Life!

Also, check out that rack—is that a pregnancy rack!? I am going nuts.


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