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Kylie Padilla On Her Breakup With Aljur Abrenica: 'I felt alone in the marriage. Yung cheating was just the last straw.'


Kylie Padilla has spoken up about her split with Aljur Abrenica in an episode of Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho aired on October 24.

In the exclusive interview with Jessica Soho, Kylie addressed issues such as Aljur's now-deleted and controversial "tell them who cheated firstpost on Facebook. The interview was recorded on October 21, a few days before Aljur issued a statement on his post at a press conference on October 24


Kylie said, "Yung mga lumabas na statement, medjo nagulat din ako. It's unfair if I don't have a say because I was part of the marriage, dalawa kami. Gusto ko matapos yung nangyari sa amin na friends kami."

"Ang dami kong puwedeng sabihin na ikakasira niya," Kylie revealed. "But I choose to keep quiet na lang about the details. Hindi naman makakatulong sa amin, e. He knows what he did wrong, I know what I did wrong."

In February, Kylie posted cryptic Instagram posts that hinted at a possible breakup with Aljur. Kylie explained in the interview that she opened the door so that people could have a say. She added, "But for me kasi, that time, I was suffering. I didn't know how to handle what I was going through and I'm sorry and I learned from that mistake."

Kylie revealed to Jessica that she and Aljur were both not happy in their relationship. "I know my truth. I know what I went through, and I know what he went through. And ang alam ko lang, parehas kaming hindi masaya. And if we played the blaming game, what are we gonna get from attacking each other online? I mean, who's it helping? Let's do it in court na lang kung gusto mo ng ganyang labanan," she said. 

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The actress also admitted that she felt hurt when Aljur said that she "wrecked the family" and called it unexpected as they both had an agreement that they would do an interview together post-breakup. She explained, "At least after nito, kahit maghihiwalay na tayo, we're still a united front. Family pa rin kami."

Jessica then asked Kylie if she feels compelled to say something in her defense as the Philippines still lives in a society where the odds are stacked against women. To this, Kylie responded, "In my defense, while we were formally married, I never had any extramarital relationships with other men. That is my truth. Okey sana kung ginawa ko e, pero hindi talaga e. And that's what they keep throwing at me. Paano ako aamin sa bagay na hindi ko naman ginawa?"

"I'm angry kasi I'm raising my children. They don't see that," Kylie added. "Sobrang unfair pero you have to be strong in our society din. Kung hahaayaan kong maapektuhan ako sa mga sinasabi nila, hindi ko mapapalaki yung mga anak ko ng sane ako at ayokong makita nila yon. Kaya nga, gaya ng sinabi ko kanina, humuhugot ako ng lakas sa kanila. Kailangan makita nila na 'kaya ng mom ko, kaya ko rin."


Jessica also asked Kylie about AJ Raval reposting Aljur's Facebook post. The actress issued a statement on TikTok, apologizing to Kylie on the issue. In the interview, Kylie said that she wanted to talk to AJ and help her out on how to handle the situation to avoid any hiccups. 

"I totally understand kung doon sila nangagaling kasi siyempre siya yung bagong nililigawan. Na-ba-bash na sila. I've been on that side and I know how scary and confusing and sobrang nakakasira siya ng mental health, but I wish iningatan nalang nila," Kylie commented. "They can't blame me for that too, kasi we had an agreement din na we can both see other people. I wish you guys were more careful, don't blame it on me."

Kylie, who confirmed her split with Aljur in July, admitted that the decision to end the marriage was hard for her. "I believe in making it work. But I felt like, for the longest time, I felt alone in the marriage. Yung cheating was just the last straw," she revealed. 


Looking back on the good moments of her relationship with Aljur, Kylie said that the time she was pregnant with Alas was the best time of their relationship. "Yung mga time na yon, inalagaan talaga niya ako na na-appreciate ko siya as a husband, as a person."

As for her message for her ex-husband, Kylie said, "Huwag nating kalimutan to be parents sa mga anak natin. And sana ma-save pa natin yung friendship after this and kung gusto natin magaway or whatever, let's do it in the right place, huwag na sa public. 'Yon lang yung hinihingi ko."

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