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Kylie Padilla Posts About The 'Less Glamorous' Reality Of Being A Mom

'Far from Instagramable but it's just how it is.'
PHOTO: instagram/kylienicolepadilla

On May 15, Kylie Padilla posted a set of photos of her wearing a big gray shirt that was splattered all over with water. In her Insta caption, the 28-year-old actress wrote that she wanted to show the reality of motherhoodwhich is far from the filtered and highlighted moments many of us share on social media.

"My reality as mum is a lot less glamorous than I choose to lead on. This is it," she started.

Kylie Padilla wearing a gay shirt

"This is how I look after giving my kids a bath because most of the time it becomes playtime and well we are all wet by the time they are done showering. This is my reality. It's not picture perfect. Far from Instagramable but it's just how it is."

Another picture of Kylie Padilla wearing a gray shirt with prominent water stains.
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Kylie has two sons, Alas Joaquin, three, and Axl Romeo, one, with her husband Aljur Abrenica. Over the years, Kylie has been honest about the struggles she's been experiencing in her life. In 2019, she opened up about battling depression and said that it was a "confusing" and "traumatic" time for her when she was a teen. "I didn't understand what that word even really meant, but since that was my label, I guess that's what I was," she wrote in a now-deleted post. "It was only later that I began to understand how dangerous it was for the situation to be handled that way. During that time, I was feeling emotions I did not yet understand, I did not know how to process them or work through them." 

Kylie Padilla with her children

In 2020, Kylie spoke about embracing her post-partum body and stressed that her weight doesn't measure her worth: "As women, we were raised to be so hard on ourselves. And to fit certain ideas of beauty that have stained our self-esteem. As someone who just gave birth, I feel it is my responsibility to fight these unhealthy thoughts. Even when people tell me upfront 'ang taba mo' and they have no right to. I'd like to think that my worth surpasses what my weight is."


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