Kylie Padilla Opened Up About Her Struggle With Depression

'I was feeling emotions I did not yet understand.'
PHOTO: Instagram/kylienicolepadilla

On October 12, 2019, actress Kylie Padilla revealed her struggles with depression through an Instagram post: "When I was a teenager, a lot of the people responsible for my well-being always labeled me as 'depressed,' among other things." 

Describing that time as "confusing" and "traumatic," Kylie continued, "...These harmful words were being thrown around to try and silence and calm a very messy storm in our lives. And maybe it was just a quick and easy way of trying to pacify the situation, so that just became the resolution. You are just depressed."

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She remembered feeling "dehumanized" whenever someone called her "depressed," like her feelings were "invalid." 

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"I didn't understand what that word even really meant, but since that was my label, I guess that's what I was?...It was only later that I began to understand how dangerous it was for the situation to be handled that way. During that time, I was feeling emotions I did not yet understand, I did not know how to process them or work through them." 

Kylie advised her fans and followers, who might be going through the same thing, to be patient with themsevles: "Understand that your emotions need to be heard, processed, and understood. If not by someone you love and trust, then by you."

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