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Kylie Padilla On Beauty: 'Stop looking for approval'

'Be you, do you, enjoy.'
PHOTO: Instagram/kylienicolepadill

Kylie Padilla recently took to Twitter to share her thoughts on beauty.

"I had this comment on IG that read, parang babae lang nagagandahan kay Kylie," the actress shared.

Instead of taking offense, Kylie reflected on it and realized that's not so bad at all, and that it actually keeps her from being distracted. "I don't think about the male gaze anymore. Ever since I got preggers, I've wanted to empower and focus on the female gaze."

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She further writes: "Absolutely happy feeling beautiful for myself. It's so freeing. I'm loving the liberation."

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This healthy outlook on beauty also gave her a very important takeaway, "Stop looking for approval."


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She also shared helpful advice to other women, tweeting: "Enjoy your femininity, and on your grounds. Don't worry about the boys thinking you're not enough." she says. "Be you, do you, enjoy."