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The 5 Types Of Leading Ladies You'll Meet In A Pinoy Teleserye

Hint: They're not always damsels in distress!
PHOTO: The Legal Wife/ABS-CBN, Wildflower/ABS-CBN

A Filipino teleserye HAS to have its leading lady. How else will the ~beautiful~ love stories progress, right? Just in case you haven't watched a lot of OG Pinoy soap operas yet, here, we listed down five leading ladies that you're sure to meet when you watch one: 

1. The Street-Smart Palaban Girl 

Who we're thinking of: Julia Barretto as Eva in Ngayon At Kailanman (2018) and Janella Salvador as Emma in The Killer Bride (2019)

They're no damsels in distress (minsan lang)! These leading ladies know how to handle themselves and are no strangers to odd jobs and situations that life throws at them. In The Killer Bride, Emma (Janella) pretends to be demure and *weak*, but she's actually well-trained in self-defense and can hold her own against most guys her age. Meanwhile, during her first meeting with her leading man Inno (Joshua Garcia), Eva (Julia) is chasing a thief when she bumps into him and, in turn, steals Inno's phone! 


2. The Damsel Who's Always In Distress 

Who we're thinking of: Kathryn Bernardo as Yna in Pangako Sa'Yo (2015) and Kim Chiu as Audrey in Tayong Dalawa (2010)

Life is hard for these leading ladies. They have financial and family troubles, and they sometimes end up working as maids for their leading man's families! They get into all kinds of scrapes (through no fault of their own). Despite these challenges, they stay positive and loving, which endears them to audiences. 

3. The Woman Who Gets Cheated On 

Who we're thinking of: Angel Locsin as Monica in The Legal Wife (2014) and Sunshine Dizon as Emma in Ika-6 Na Utos (2016-2018)

Cheating is a common theme in Filipino teleseryes, and viewers love to sympathize with the females who get their hearts broken in these shows. In The Legal Wife, Monica's husband (Jericho Rosales) even cheats on her with her best friend since childhood (Maja Salvador)! You should def expect a lot of crazy confrontations and catfights for these leading ladies. 

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4. The Leading Lady Who's Out For Revenge

Who we're thinking of: Maja Salvador as Lily/Ivy in Wildflower (2017-2018) and Jodi Sta. Maria as Amor in Pangako Sa'Yo (2002)

They were abused and taken advantage of when they were younger. Their families were probably killed by their enemies. These leading ladies are determined to punish those who hurt them in the past and will go to extreme lengths to achieve their goal. They usually make their *comebacks* as rich and powerful women who, for some reason, no one recognizes.

5. The Fictional/Mythical/Exotic Creature 

Who we're thinking of: Claudine Barretto as Marina in Marina (2004) and Heart Evangelista as Luna and Celestina in Luna Mystika (2008)

They're not *part of this world*. Due to the circumstances of their birth or through a curse, some leading ladies are mermaids, or have wings, or magically transform into different creatures at night! Despite their origins or what they look like, we can count on the leading man to always accept them for who they really are.


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