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'Of course, no boyfriend': Lorin Gutierrez Reveals Mom Ruffa's Showbiz ~Restrictions~ For Her

'There's no need for me to focus on another person as much as I'm focusing on myself.'
PHOTO: instagram/iloveruffag

Just like her famous family, Lorin Gutierrez officially entered showbiz earlier this month and signed with Viva Artists Agency no less! The 17-year-old daughter of Ruffa Gutierrez spoke in a Facebook live about how excited she was to join the ~family 'biz~ and said: "I can't wait to start this new journey and [a] new chapter of my life. Parang buong buhay ko, I've been waiting [for] when is the right time to finally do this and follow in my family's footsteps."

In a recent interview with PUSH, though, Lorin shared that her mom had a few ~restrictions~ she placed once she decided to join the industrythe main one is absolutely having no boyfriend. "Of course, no boyfriend. Then, to focus on [my] studies, focus on my career. She just tries to instill in me that I should focus on myself rather than focusing on other people first," she shared.


Lorin further explained why her mom thinks that getting into a relationship shouldn't be a priority for her as a newbie in the 'biz, and it's something she totally agrees with: "Parang hindi naman siya nagsasabi na walang boyfriend because she's too overprotective, but because she's looking out for me and obviously she wants the best for me. And I think because I'm still too young and I'm just starting out my career, I'm just starting my life, there's no need for me to focus on another person as much as I'm focusing on myself. So, that's her main restriction."

The Gutierrez clan is one of the most recognizable showbiz families in the Philippines that they even starred in the beloved E! reality series It Takes GUTZ To Be A Gutierrez for several years. While her family obviously has her back and gives her the advice and support that she needs, Lorin said her mom wants her to have the control to "follow my own path and my passion."

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And the best advice her mom Ruffa gave her? It's to be respectful to everyone she works with, especially since she's just starting out. "Sabi niya, 'Whenever you go on set, [you have] to be super respectful to everyone. Make sure you say hi, thank you, goodbye to every single person on set especially your elders, your veteran actors who are working with you.'"

"Ang dami niya kasing horror stories na nasa set yung mommy ko tapos yung mga bagong artista hindi nambabati, ganyan. As an artist, especially I'm starting out, I know my place naman and I know I've to work my way up. And I think it's super important to be respectful to everyone you work with and to be kind to everyone you work with."

"And I think that's something young artists or anyone who wants to join showbiz should remember and understand—it's to make bati to everyone and to be respectful of everyone on the set."


Yup, we couldn't agree more! Good luck and we cannot wait to see what's in store for you, Lorin! XOXO


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