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OMG! Lovi Poe Just Got A Birthday Greeting From Harry Potter Actor Tom Felton

We're so jealous!

Lovi Poe is living the dream of every Harry Potter fan out there!

In a video posted on her Twitter account, the actress shared the short birthday greeting she got from Tom Felton, the Harry Potter actor who played the role of Draco Malfoy in the movies.

"Monty and I have been speaking for quite a while about the best way to bring in your birthday and to celebrate the fact that you are in this new TV show Owe My Love. Congratulations, basically," Tom said in the video.

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Montgomery "Monty" Blencowe is Lovi’s British boyfriend who also happens to be a medical scientist and film producer.

Tom also shared that he and Lovi’s boyfriend have been planning a grand surprise for her, which, unfortunately, didn’t push through because of the pandemic.

"Monty and my plans to have a massive festivity where we can all get together and have a little jamboree and a boogie, and a dance can’t happen right now with everything going on."

Lovi, who celebrated her 32nd birthday last February 11, of course, swooned over the surprise greeting.

"My Harry Potter heart and my Slytherin soul can’t help but be kilig when Draco Malfoy mentions #OweMyLove. Thank you for this sweet surprise @monthblencowe."

This isn’t the first time that the actress got a surprise video from an international star. In April 2020, she also shared a video message sent to her by actor Enrique Arce from the popular Netflix series Money Heist.

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"He misses you a lot. Poor guy, he misses you a lot and really wants to see you soon," Enrique said, referring to Monty.

Now, that’s one successful fangirl you have there!

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