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'Lucid' Shows Us What Happens When You Meet *The One* In Your Dreams

It stars Alessandra De Rossi and JM De Guzman!
PHOTO: INSTAGRAM/project8projects

Are there days when you want to escape your actual life, sleep all your problems off, dream, and just STAY THERE? That's actually what happens to the main character of Lucid, a new film starring Alessandra De Rossi and JM De Guzman.  

Lucid tells the story of Ann (Alessandra), a lucid dreamer. This means that when Ann dreams, she is fully aware that she's dreaming. She can also gain control over what happens in her dreams, such as the environment, setting, and characters! 

Ann lives an uneventful and boring life, but her dreams are the exact opposite. THINGS HAPPEN in her dream world. In one of her dreams, she meets another lucid dreamer named Xavi (JM), who challenges her to make her dream situations ~more adventurous~. Since Xavi isn't technically part of her dreams, Ann discovers that she can't control him! Ann also realizes that her dreams are more exciting than her real life, and she starts to wonder if she should just stay there...and never leave. 


The film is a "bittersweet movie about the pain of longing and self-empowerment." Watch the full trailer here: 

Lucid, directed by Victor Kaiba Villanueva and produced by Project 8 Corner San Juaquin, will hit theaters on November 9. It's also part of the Cinema One Originals 2019 lineup!   

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