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Macoy Dubs Deletes His Twitter Account: 'You were my safe space but you deteriorated my inner core'

The content creator has had it with trolls and toxic users.
Macoy Dubs Deletes His Twitter Account After 13 Years

Over the past year, many people have been cutting back on their social media usage and have even chosen to deactivate their accounts. This weekend, content creator Macoy Dubs announced that he has deleted his Twitter account "for good" after being part of the platform for 13 years.

Through a series of Instagram Stories, Macoy explained why, saying: "It makes me really sad to get negative comments that I'm not funny, irrelevant, paid troll, etc. But I know my truth, and only me can protect that." 

Macoy said social media has become very toxic during the pandemic and that Instagram is his "safest" space now. He added that Twitter was his safe space but it "deteriorated" his inner core. "I was once part of your toxic users, too. But I changed. Good people are gone and [were] replaced by trolls and begrudging individuals."  

HUGS, MACOY! You can read his full post below: 

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macoy dubs deletes twitter
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Macoy Dubs, known for his hilarious "Auntie Julie" skits and for being outspoken when it comes to social issues, is still active on his other social media platforms such as TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook. 


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