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Macoy Dubs' 'Auntie Julie' Is The Cool + Progressive Tita We All Need Right Now

'You bless to ninang!'
Macoy Dubs as Auntie Julie

Over the weekend, content creator and online personality Macoy Dubs introduced us to a fun, new "persona": Auntie Julie, your friendly neighborhood tita from Poveda who acts as if she's your barkada, calls everyone "anak," and knows practically everyone. She's never without her pearl earrings and is curious about TikTok and dating apps. 

Why do we love her? First of all, she's the kind of tita you can confide in. In "Yung tita mo na parang barkada mo lang," Auntie Julie meets 18-year-old Cassandra, asks her to twirl for ninang, and immediately mentions her love life. Don't worry, she promises not to tell Cassandra's mom about her BF from Ateneo. Auntie Julie even promotes safe sex because she "wants you to be responsible teenagers!"  

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Auntie Julie is also the best matchmaker, and she's never judgemental. In "Yung tita mo na nireto ka sa inaanak niya," Auntie Julie is eating at Mary Grace with her son Robert when she spots her godson Eduardo. It's Eduardo and Robert's first meeting, but Auntie Julie, ever the straight-to-the-point tita, immediately tells them to "get along" and asks them about Grindr. Is this a BL series? Because we're all for an Eduardo + Roberto love story! 

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And, lastly, Auntie Julie knows ALL. THE. TEA. She has constant Zoom calls with her fellow Titas Of Manila and she'll probably tell you about the latest chika as soon as she hangs up. 

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Earlier, we also got to meet Cassandra's mom (we hope she doesn't find out about Cassandra and her BF soon): 

We can't wait to see more of progressive Auntie Julie!


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