Yes, Marlon Stockinger And Pia Wurtzbach Are Seeing Each Other

It's offish, you guys!
PHOTO: Instagram/marlonstockinger

We just knew something was up between Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach and race car driver Marlon Stockinger when this super sweet couple pic of the two was posted on Pia’s IG:

A month after, Marlon confirmed that he and Miss U are definitely seeing each other! Marlon spilled the deets during Saturday night’s Star Magic Ball, according to ABS-CBN.

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“The truth? Let's put it this way: If Pia [were] here tonight she'd be my date here so yeah obviously we see each other but we just want to keep it down low pretty much but yeah, I've been seeing Pia.”

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He added, “It's amazing! Pia is very beautiful of course, that is the reason why she is Miss Universe. I just feel lucky that we got to meet and we've been seeing each other.”

Marlon and Pia, however, do face challenges. The Fil-Swiss hottie reveals that being in an LDR complicates their relationship:

"Well it's difficult obviously she's across the Atlantic right now, I'm here in the Philippines. I'm also [usually] in Europe so whenever we get the chance, we make the most out of it.”

Since it’s all out in the open now, we’re hoping to see more Marlon + Pia IG couple shots like these:

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