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Aww! Matteo Guidicelli Gives His *Full Support* To Fiancée Sarah Geronimo During Her Valentine's Day Concert

Supportive both online and IRL!

Unified, the two-day joint Valentine's Day concert of Sarah Geronimo and Regine Velasquez, just had a succesful first night! The show marks the first time for these two talented women to perform together in a concert.

And since it was Valentine's Day, we were waiting for a little Sarah and Matteo Guidicelli *moment* to make our AshMatt hearts happy. But we got more than what we hoped for—Matteo, Sarah's fiancé, showed his full support to the Popstar Princess both online and IRL!

He first gave a sweet Valentine's day message to Sarah, assuring her that the concert will be amazing. He captioned his post: "happy happy Valentine's, my love!! I got you forever. Tonight and tomorrow is your night!! God bless your show with Ms. @reginevalcasid! It will be AMAZING!!!!!"

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After the concert, he congratulated both Sarah and Regine via IG Stories.

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But what made us the most kilig is Matteo getting front-row seats to be there on Sarah's special night! The Araneta Coliseum Instagram account posted a video of Matteo with the caption: "#Spotted: Of course, @matteog is here to support his fiancée @justsarahgph."

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At the end of the concert, he also went onstage to give Sarah a bouquet of flowers. Aww!

It was a *perfect* AshMatt moment with Sarah singing "Sa Iyo" as the last song for the night.

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