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A *Kilig* Timeline Of Elisse Joson And McCoy De Leon's Relationship

From 2016 to 2021!
McCoy De Leon And Elisse Joson relationship
PHOTO: INSTAGRAM/elissejosonn

Yup, McCoy De Leon and Elisse Joson (also known as McLisse) are now parents to a beautiful baby girl named Felize! The celeb couple first sparked dating rumors back in 2016, and even had a dramatic breakup that *broke everyone's hearts* in 2018. We're sooo happy all's well between them now. 

Here's what we know about McLisse's relationship, from 2016 to 2021: 

2016: The two became housemates in the reality show Pinoy Big Brother

At that time, McCoy was 21 and Elisse was 20. Watch some of their *kilig* moments below: 

In 2021, Elisse opened up about the ~wildest~ moment she had with McCoy in PBB. She said they already considered themselves to be dating when she re-entered the house: "Kasi 'di ba there were cameras everywhere, and we didn't plan. Basta nag-swimming kami, and then sa pool, sabi namin, 'Ah, walang camera.' When we swam there, nagkaroon ng one kiss under the swimming pool...Hindi ko alam kung nakita 'yon ng staff!"  


October 2016: McCoy speaks about courting Elisse.

In a joint interview on Tonight With Boy Abunda, McCoy said he and Elisse were perfectly fine being friends in the meantime. "Wala pa sa isip namin talaga. Nako-kontento kami ngayon. 'Pag may panahon siguro, hindi rin natin masasabi...Ako kasi 'pag nanliligaw ako, hindi ko sinasabi, 'Puwede bang manligaw?' Basta ipinaparamdam ko lang." Elisse then joked, "Ayaw ko naman po mag-assume. Para po sa akin, kailangan ko pong malaman, especially kasi si McCoy friendly po siya sa mga babae." 

Fans, of course, deduced that they were together soon after and they worked on multiple acting projects together. 

February 2018: They appear on Cosmopolitan Philippines' cover.

Just in time for Valentine's Day! 

March 2018: Elisse reveals they're having problems. 

During a Magandang Buhay guesting, Elisse said: "Ngayon po, we are learning to communicate [with] each other more. Parang may mahirap na pinagdadaanan pero kahit matagal 'yung proseso, ngayon pa lang po namin natutunan na maging mature sa mga bagay-bagay, na may mga priorities and along the way, we will be okay. Yung communication sobrang importante.

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August 2018: Elisse says McCoy unfollowed her on social media.

During an interview, Elisse admitted that McCoy unfollowed her on Instagram, adding: "'Yon nga rin, hindi ko rin naiintindihan actually yung nangyaring 'yon. Hindi ko masabi kung bakit kaya nagtaka din ako. Ako, hindi ako nag-unfollow, the fans know about it, sila ang nakakita at nakaalam. Ako, hindi talaga ako aware." McCoy later followed her again. According to Elisse, she didn't ask why he unfollowed her in the first place. "Hindi ko na tinanong kung bakit, hindi ko na rin inalam kung bakit."

October 2018: McCoy confirms the *breakup*. 

McCoy said they were not on speaking terms and that he hadn't talked to Elisse since the last time they were together at the 2018 ABS-CBN Ball: "Nag-umpisa po 'yon [tampuhan] nung Wansapanataym niya. Parang doon nag-start lahat. 'Di ko na po alam kung ano talaga yung naging rason ng lahat.


He added: "Gusto ko sanang kausapin para maging maayos, maging maayos yung samahan namin. Kaso 'yon nga, hindi na po nasundan after nung Ball...Humingi siya ng time, ganyan, oras. Siguro hindi raw muna ngayon, balang araw dawganyan. So 'yon po, naintindihan ko naman po, binigay ko po sa kanya 'yon."

January 2019: Their latest movie, Sakaling Maging Tayo, is shown in cinemas. 

In a promotional video for the film, they talked about their last moments together before their breakup, and things got *super emotional*. Netizens deduced that...

  • They cared for each other deeply to continue supporting one another.
  • McCoy sacrificed the relationship for his family.
  • But he loved her. A lot.
  • They missed each other.

In an interview with Boy Abunda, the two got emotional again when they opened up about the separation. They took turns apologizing to each other. Elisse said sorry for being "too needy, too pushy, na you felt like you weren't doing enough," and McCoy said, "Sorry kasi I had to—not give up but give way. Kinailangan kong gawin 'yon para sa ikabubuti ng lahat. Sorry kung hindi na ako ang lalaking 'yon. Maniwala ka man o hindi, sobrang binigay ko ang lahat sa'yo. I did my part naman talaga. Siguro ang timing lang natin, hindi pa talaga puwede…Salamat sa love."


The separation lasts for around one year. 

During their separation, they didn't have any communication at all! In a 2021 vlog, the two opened up about that particular period and even explained why they "hated" each other. McCoy was the one who finally reached out to Elisse via text, where he said: "Masaya ako na ngumingiti ka na." 

August 2020: Netizens speculate that they've gotten back together!

The two sparked romance rumors once again when McCoy posted a photo of them together on what seemed like a romantic cruise, captioning it: "Always all ways."

McCoy De Leon And Elisse Joson relationship back together

January 2021: McCoy gives Elisse the sweetest birthday present ever. 

For Elisse's 25th birthday, she shared a video of herself crying over McCoy's birthday gifta compilation of greetings from her close friends. Awww! 

June 2021: McCoy confirms their relationship. 

He revealed that he and Elisse got back together before the pandemic but chose to keep their relationship low-key. "Open naman po kami sa lahat," the actor replied when asked to explain their current relationship status in a press con. "Yung pagkakamali mo noon, lahat naman tayo may pagkakamali, maitutuwid mo ngayon. Sobrang ma-drama. Pero totoo 'yon. Kumbaga nagiging better person ka.

July 2021: The pair celebrate their anniversary. 

Awww, McCoy surprised Elisse with a "happy anniversary" sign outside her balcony

McCoy De Leon And Elisse Joson relationship anniversary

August 2021: They release a vlog of their *first trip together*. 

October 2021: The pair launch their joint jewelry line, Felizia Jewelry.

According to the couple's posts, the first collection "speaks a story that expresses hope, love, and everything in between." McCoy also noted that they personally chose pieces that they know will be part of your everyday life, but most especially during special occasions.

McCoy De Leon And Elisse Joson relationship jewelry line

October 31, 2021: The couple introduce their daughter Felize to the world. 

Elisse and McCoy surprised everyone when they revealed that they have a baby girl named Felize on Pinoy Big Brother

Elisse took to Instagram to share a sweet message for their baby: "Dearest Felize, life was uncertain before you came. I didn't know which path to take, the choices to make. I didn't know what to be, what I want to be...Now, nothing is clearer to me than to be the best me, to be the best mommy, for you."

"I am lucky to have your daddy in my life and we are very lucky to have you,
our greatest blessing, in our lives." The couple also shared the sweetest family pics with their bb girl! 

elisse joson daughter felize
McCoy De Leon And Elisse Joson relationship daughter
McCoy De Leon And Elisse Joson relationship daughter felize


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