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5 Things You Need To Know About Miles Wei, The Super Cute Second Lead In 'Count Your Lucky Stars'

We've got a new Chinese drama actor that we're crushing on!
PHOTO: Weibo/MilesWei

If you, like me, have been binge-watching the new Chinese drama Count Your Lucky Stars, then, congratulations, we've all found a brand new cutie to crush on! As we all know, the drama stars Jerry Yan as big-time magazine editor-in-chief Lu Xing Chen who loses his ~luck in life~ after an encounter with his assistant Tong Xiao You (Shen Yue). But cue in the drama's second lead, Miles Wei aka Wei Zhe Ming, who absolutely stole my heart in the last few minutes of Episode 1! Miles plays rising fashion designer Lu Yan Zhi who rivals Xing Chen in the fashion industry and in winning Xiao You's heart. Naturally, I did some internet sleuthing to find some fast facts about our new crush. Read on below to know more about Miles Wei!


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1. His birthday is on May 23, 1990, which makes him 30 years old!

2. Miles isn't just a cutie but is a brainiac as well! He actually graduated as a broadcasting major Tianjin Normal University.

3. He's been acting in dramas since 2017, but Count Your Lucky Stars is his biggest project to date. You can actually watch a few of his previous dramas on YouTube: The Endless Love (2017) and Fall In Love (2019).

4. He played the main role in the historical film The Yin And Yang Formula in 2018. And, yes, the whole movie is also available on YouTube!

5. Miles has an Instagram account although it's been inactive since 2018. For fresh updates, better check out his official Weibo account here. Word of warning: His selfies are THE CUTEST EVER. See for yourself below:

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