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Millennial Must-Watch: Addictive Reality Shows To Stream Online

There's more to reality TV than catfights and ~*~drama~*~.
PHOTO: (LEFT) Queer Eye/Netflix, (RIGHT) Hyori's Bed and Breakfast/JTBC

When you think of reality television, the first things that probably come to mind are the dramatic fights on America's Next Top Model, the drunken antics on Jersey Shore, and the juicy lives of the Kardashians.

We searched through Netflix to find new reality TV shows that are just as addicting as your old faves, but are now more creative, surprising, and definitely worth a watch.

Queer Eye (2018)

The 2018 reboot of the 2003 classic will remind you why you loved the original series in the first place—and then some. Featuring an all-new Fab Five, Netflix's feel-good Queer Eye is just as fun and charming as the original, but it also comes with a good dose of social commentary and genuinely heartwarming (even tear-jerking) moments.

Nailed It (2018)

Think of this show as MasterChef... if the contestants were all seriously horrible in the kitchen. True to its name, Nailed It is a hilarious reality show where amateur bakers try to recreate cake masterpieces and basically fail. You're in for a lot of laughs, we promise.

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Terrace House (2015)

Most reality shows rely on drama and catfights to get people interested, but Terrace House subverts all of that—creating a TV show that is so interesting for audiences that it spawned an entire franchise with three more installments under its belt. In this unscripted series, six strangers from all walks of life move into a house together. They all have access to a phone and are all allowed to leave the house and live their lives as normal. It's a genuinely interesting peek into Japanese customs and ideals, with hosts in a separate studio who give viewers more insight and commentary.

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Recommended Videos

Ainori Love Wagon: Asian Journey (2017)

Trust us when we say you've haven't seen a dating show quite like Ainori. Here, seven young men and women ride a pink bus in search of true love across Asia. The twist is that once they've found the person that they think is The One, they ask the driver for a ticket back to Japan and declare their love. Whenever someone finds true love and leaves the bus, they are replaced by a new stranger to keep the total of participants at seven. So far, they've traveled to about 90 countries, including Korea, Turkey, Bulgaria, Greece, Fiji, and even Peru.

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Ugly Delicious (2018)

Go on an epic food trip with award-winning chef David Chang where he visits food hot spots around the world alongside writers, artists, activists, and fellow chefs. If you've always wanted to learn more about the food you love and how it defines culture and even stereotypes and misconceptions about different countries, you're in for a deliciously educational ride.

Hyori's Bed & Breakfast (2017)

Korean celebrity couple Lee Hyori and Lee Sang Soon opens the doors of their gorgeous bed-and-breakfast home in Jeju Island to welcome travelers for free meals, stays, and heartwarming late-night chats. Even famous celebrities have stayed in their home as part-timers, including K-Pop idols IU, YoonA, and K-Drama oppa Park Bo Gum.

Chef & My Fridge (2014)

Also known as Please Take Care of My Refrigerator, this variety show raids the fridges of your favorite Korean celebrities and a pair of chefs are tasked to create a 15-minute meal from whatever is inside. (Sometimes it's just canned tuna and frozen food, other times it's an entire meal with expensive ingredients.) Some famous faces who have appeared on the show include K-Pop idols like G-Dragon, Taeyang, and BTS members Jin and Jimin. Heck, even Gordon Ramsay has joined in as a celebrity guest judge!

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