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Whoa, Mimiyuuuh Just Scored A Black Ruffled Onesie Like BLACKPINK Jennie's At An Ukay-Ukay

Who's convinced it's the same jumpsuit?
PHOTO: (LEFT) Youtube/Mimiyuuuh, (RIGHT) Instagram/jennierubyjane

Today, Mimiyuuuh's YouTube upload features her ukay-ukay jaunt with fashion photographer Shaira Luna. According to Mimiyuuuh, she hasn't gone ukay-ukay shopping in so long that she can't remember the last time she did it.

In the video, Mimiyuuuh and Shaira go to the ukay-ukay in Makati Cinema Square. Shaira quickly found cute tops, as well as dresses, but Mimiyuuuh wasn't so lucky. Mimiyuuuh joked that it was a bad idea to shop with someone of the same size.

Later in the vlog, when Shaira asks Mimiyuuuh for ukay tips, the vlogger quips, "Huwag kang mang-agaw. Nilalahat mo sa 'yo. Give chance to others. Minsan na lang nga ako makalabas ng bahay."

As Shaira finds one cute piece after another, Mimiyuuuh muses, "Alam mo, taga-compliment na lang siguro ako sa vlog na 'to sa mga nahahanap ni Ms. Shai."

But as Mimiyuuuh and Shaira check out more stores, Mimiyuuuh eventually finds a few clothes she likes. Then, surprisingly, Mimiyuuuh picks up a black ruffled jumpsuit that looks a lot like Jennie's of BLACKPINK!

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Mimiyuuuh holding a black ruffled onesie similar to Jennie of BLACKPINK

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"I feel like I'm Jennie," says Mimiyuuuh. She jokes, "Pero syempre 'di naman ako maggaganitong hubadera. May ipapatong ako sa taas."

This afternoon, Instagram user @migmigjeon informed Mimiyuuuh that Jennie's jumpsuit (by London-based designer Alessandra Rich) costs US$1,870 (approximately P90,680!). While the price of the ukay find wasn't mentioned in the video, for sure the onesie was a steal.

Watch Mimiyuuuh's hilarious video below and get her tips for ukay-ukay shopping:

Mimiyuuuh's Ukay-Ukay Vlog