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Cop a 'fit for less!
I don't know about you, but one of the things I miss the most about my pre-pandemic life is going to different ukay-ukay stores. There's just something so fun about not knowing what brands or pieces
Stylish clothing doesn't need to be expensive!
Right about now, we're busy looking at Heart Evangelista's posts to cheer us up on a Monday. She's currently in Sorsogon, and she's been busy creating content that shows us how beautiful the Bicol
You only need some needle, thread, and a lot of patience!
Who here loves ukay-ukay shopping? We know we do. There's just something so satisfying about finding clothes that are affordable and unique after hours of digging into piles and looking through the racks. Another thing we like doing? Watching
Jean Dalida channeled her inner Ji Sun Woo and everything was totally on point!
If you're a fan of the A World of Married Couple, then we're pretty sure you're as besotted with Ji Sun Woo's chic OOTDs as much as we are. Played by Kim Hee Ae, the K-drama&#
It's all in the way you carry your clothes!
We've always talked about the stylish yet cheap finds one can chance upon in the ukay-ukay. That said, ending up with quality pieces that both fit your style and account for your taste-amongst a throng of seemingly endless
Using pieces from ukay-ukay!
There's no denying Nadine Lustre's got a sense of style that's launched a thousand copycats...and that's not always a bad thing! Latest case in point: Check out how YouTuber Ashley Garcia recreated three
Her designer ukay-ukay finds will shock you!
A bargain hunter's best bet when shopping for affordable clothes is to head out to the nearest ukay-ukay. However, it's no easy feat as shoppers must go through so many racks before going home with great bargains.In her
She proves you can look hella stylish for less!
If you've been meaning to look more stylish for less, look no further! Jean Dalida, style blogger and ukay-ukay shopping extraordinaire posted some of her best (and cheapest!) OOTDs on Facebook recently, featuring pieces that go for as low
Know where to score the best deals from this thrift-shopping capital.
A popular local summer destination, Baguio city actually has a lot to offer in the shopping department other than scenic greenery and historical landmarks, sweet delicacies, and covetable cold weather. Over the years, the city has grown to become an ukay-ukay
You don't need to break the bank to be stylish.
Fashion isn't always about the price point of the things we wear. As we deem fashion as art, we take pride in knowing that we can whip up a good outfit even without the hefty price tag. Plus, who says nice
What to do when your budget takes you to the thrift shop.
The ukay-ukay is a treasure trove of unknown wonders-you never know what you're going to find. One day, it might all be everyday things and the next, show pieces for an event. The best part is you'