Someone Taught Miss Earth Ghana A Pinoy Beauty Pageant Joke And We Can't Stop Giggling

In case you're having a bad day!
PHOTO: Instagram/abenaakuaba

They say the Philippines is pageant-crazy, and TBH they're probably not wrong. I mean, beauty queens from all over the world actually go to the country for intensive training! We've won four Miss Universe crowns already, and the country basically freezes whenever it's beauty pageant season.'s totes not surprising that pageant jokes are so common here! 

In a news report from ABS-CBN's TV Patrol, we see Miss Earth Ghana 2019 Evelyn Appiah cracking a distinctly PH pun! She tells the camera: "Ang batang malakas kumain... ay laging may gana!" Get it?! Gana = Ghana. OMG, even Evelyn breaks into laughter after reciting her spiel! 

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Twitter user @ronaldgem writes: "In case you're having a bad day, here's Miss Gana to cheer you up." 

People have been reposting the clip all over the internet, and I bet we're all wondering: Who taught her that joke? A commenter on Arence Gabriel's Facebook post (which now has over 40,000 reactions) claims that the person we should thank is none other than Miss Universe Philippines 2014 MJ Lastimosa. According to Kae Campomanes, MJ and Evelyn were Miss Universe 2014 batchmates and that's probably when the ~tutorial~ happened. 

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According to a modeling fan page, 26-year-old Evelyn is a singer, model, and philanthropist who also joined Miss World New York in 2017. In an interview with CNN, Miss Ghana revealed that she likes popular Filipino street food kwek-kwek: "I eat a lot!" No wonder Pinoys love her! 

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