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7 Must-Watch Dramas And Movies Starring *Super Junior* Members

Get ready for so many ~feels~.
PHOTO: (LEFT TO RIGHT) KBS2/My Fellow Citizens!, CHANNEL A/Miss Panda and Mr. Hedgehog

It's been over 15 years since the debut of OG idol group Super Junior. The group was a K-pop game-changer: Its initial lineup attracted a diverse fanbase and its large member count (more to love with thirteen members!) transformed Hallyu history forever by paving the way for the creation of subunits as we know it. ICYDK, prior to Super Junior's debut, K-pop groups were composed of only four to five members on average.  

Through the years, the boys have experimented with genres that ranged from pop and R&B to rock music and EDM. They've amassed a plethora of awards through hit songs spanning more than 20 albums. Super Junior members have also flexed their musical versatility by showing new sides of themselves through projects spanning five subgroups and occasional solo releases.

Oh, and did we mention that they can act too? Check out these faves featuring Super Junior members that you absolutely need to add to your streaming list.


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1. Attack On The Pin-Up Boys (2007)

Where to watch it: Amazon Prime
all the original members of Super Junior minus Kyuhyun (he was recovering from an injury when filming took place)

The plot: This classic high school mystery has the boys star as students from neighboring high schools plagued by a series of mysterious attacks on flower boys. When things start getting out of hand, Donghae and Kibum take matters into their own hands and initiate an investigation to find the culprit. This whodunit film charms its viewers with its hilarious plot and star-studded cast of characters (keep your eyes peeled for cameo appearances by EXO's Suho, SHINee's Key, Henry from Super Junior-M, and Girls' Generation's Yuri!)

2. Skip Beat! (2011)

Where to watch it: 
Donghae, Siwon

The plot: Taiwanese drama Skip Beat! was adapted from a Japanese manga of the same name written by Yoshiki Nakamura. High school graduate Gong Xi (Ivy Chen) gives up her university spot to support her childhood friend and love interest Bu Po Shang (Donghae) in becoming an idol. However, she eventually discovers that Bu Po Shang was using her for money. She decides to get revenge by becoming a bigger star. Actor Dun He Lian (Siwon) dislikes his new coworker, but eventually their feelings change as they continue to interact with one another.

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Trivia: Initially, Ariel Lin and Meteor Garden's Jerry Yan were cast as the main roles in January 2008. However, due to several script rewrites and financial setbacks, Jerry Yan dropped out and the production was postponed until May 2010, when Siwon and Donghae signed on to the project. On 1 February 2011, one month before filming, Ivy Chen replaced Ariel Lin.

3. Miss Panda And Mr. Hedgehog (2012)

Where to watch it: Amazon Prime
Starring: Donghae

The plot: Talented pastry chef Go Seung Ji (Donghae) was given the nickname "hedgehog" to match his cold and prickly personality. It takes the likes of sweet and easygoing café owner Pan Da Yang (Yoon Seung Ah) to yank out the kind-hearted softie inside him when she hires him to help her save Panda Café, her crisis-hit bakery.

4. Voice (2017)

Where to watch it: Netflix
Starring: Yesung

As Netflix describes it, "a deft detective (Jang Hyuk) whose wife is killed by a serial murderer teams up with a rookie cop (Lee Ha Na), a gifted voice profiler dealing with her own father's murder." Detective Moo Jin Hyuk and policewoman Kang Kwon Joo team up as the "Golden Time" team to solve cases together in the 'golden window' of time before they're likely to be killed. Their main goal is to capture the psychopathic serial killer who took away their loved ones. Yesung plays a hacker-turned-police officer with an interesting story arc.


5. My Fellow Citizens (2019)

Where to watch it: Netflix, Viu
Starring: Siwon

The plot: Rom-com crime drama My Fellow Citizens explores the relationship dynamics between a police detective and a conman. Siwon amplifies his leading man charm as Yang Jung Kook, a con artist who unknowingly marries a police officer named Kim Mi Young (Lee Yoo Young). The plot thickens when a twist of events propels Jung Kook to run for a seat in the National Assembly to protect his wife from finding out his true identity.

6. SJ Returns (2017-2020)

Where to watch it: VLive
Starring: Leeteuk, Heechul, Yesung, Shindong, Eunhyuk, Donghae, Siwon, Ryeowook, and Kyuhyun

The plot: In season one, SJ Returns showcased their comeback preparations after a 2-year of hiatus as a group. Season two followed several members around Tokyo, trying out the best eats. Season three saw Ryeowook and Kyuhyun return from their military enlistment in preparation for their ninth album. The fourth season followed the everyday lives of Super Junior members and levels up the fan service with members acting on requests from fans in celebration of the group's 15th debut anniversary. If you're looking for a Super Junior fix, look no further: This show has 268 episodes for your fan viewing pleasure.


7. Super Junior Comeback Show House Party (2021)

Where to watch it: YouTube
: Leeteuk, Heechul, Yesung, Shindong, Eunhyuk, Donghae, Siwon, Ryeowook, and Kyuhyun

The plot: Join the boys as they celebrate the launch of their 2021 comeback album The Renaissance in a performance packed, one-hour special. ELFs are invited to party with the boys in a house decked with all things kyeopta (cute). We guarantee that seeing all nine active Super Junior members interacting with each other (after such a long wait!) will absolutely usher in so many feels. It's the perfect show to watch with your ELF besties!

8. Pet-kage (2021)

Starring: Heechul

The plot: Super Junior's quintessential 4D member Kim Heechul and his Jack Russell Terrier, Kibok, join Girls' Generation's Taeyeon, actor Kang Ki Young, and comedian Hong Hyun Hee, along with their respective pets, in Pet-kage. The variety show revolves around the four celebrities as they go on package tour trips with their pets. The show also features other Korean celebrities and their pets as guests who join each episode's adventure.


9. Work Later, Drink Now (2021)

Where to watch it: Viu, Apple TV

The plot: Television scriptwriter Ahn So Hee (Lee Sun Bin), yoga instructor Han Ji Yeon (Han Sun Hwa), and YouTuber Kang Ji Goo (Apink's Jung Eun Ji) have one thing in common: They're all in their thirties and enjoy taking comfort in each other's company over a drink after work. Siwon joins the cast of this slice of life drama as variety show producing director Kang Book Goo.


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