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We're *Living* For Nadine Lustre's Savage Response To A Rude Body-Shamer

nadine lustre bodyshamer response

Nadine Lustre has never been one to back down when it comes to *trolls* and bashers on social media (and we honestly love her for it). On October 26, a Twitter user made uncalled-for comments about Nadine's body and her rumored new boyfriend Christophe Bariou—and even had the *audacity* to tag her! The tweet reads: 

"Why @hello_nadine ang chuba mo na, wala ang butt, wala nang curve, sabagay wala ka nang insecurities sa katawan kasi tanggap ka ni Chris kahit maging big ka pa, kaso baka 'pag nagsawa at makakita ng mas bata iwan ka rin. 'Wag magpabola kasi hindi ka naman bolang dini-dribble think twice or thrice lagi." 

Nadine's *totally appropriate* response was: "Ew body-shamer." Let's hear a round of applause for our Scorpio kween

nadine lustre bodyshamer response clapback twitter

Fans are also rallying behind Nadine, saying things like: "How dare you bashers say things like that to people you don't even know? Kahit kilala mo, kabastusan 'yan!" and "Turuan mo ng leksyon mamsh!" Another wrote, "Y'all it's Scorpio szn, so be careful b*tches." 

Nadine Lustre and body positivity

ICYDK, Nadine has always been for body positivity. In a June 2020 vlog with Angel Dei, Nadine shared some advice on overcoming body insecurities: "Love yourself. Love the skin that you're in. And you know, don't be ashamed of anything. That's what the universe gave you. Accept it. Just, you know, just be yourself." 

In July 2020, she also opened up about being kinder to herself. "To be honest I struggled with [my confidence] for so long. Growing up, I was really insecure about a lot of things with my body, with myself...I had this thing before when I would always be too hard on myself, so if there are things that I couldn't do or couldn't achieve, parang lagi kong dina-down yung sarili ko," Nadine shared. "You should know how to be best friends with yourself kasi at the end of the day yung sarili mo lang yung kakampi mo." 

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