Nadine Lustre's Dad Speaks About His Own Depression

"Now I am bolder to face it head on."
PHOTO: Facebook/Naddicts

Nadine Lustre's father, Ulysses Lustre, talks about his own battle with depression on his Facebook page. On October 14, 2017, Ulysses posted a message for this late son and Nadine's brother, Isaiah.

The 16-year-old Isaiah Lustre was found dead on October 8 in his family's home in Quezon City, according to the Quezon City Police Department. The death was ruled as a suicide.

"You got me there, Ice, so [many] lessons learned," Ulysses began saying. "Even I am not free from depression. Thru your writings I'm now bolder to face it head on. I am proud of you, Ice. This tragedy will not end unnoticed. A battle cry for fighting depression will be shouted. And there will be awareness."

A few hours before that message, Ulysses shared Nadine's birthday message for Isaiah after posting his own:

"The loss of a father or a mother is painful, the loss of a son is unbearable. The demons of depression are devouring our youth. I call out to all sons and daughters to please stop hurting yourselves. Your depression is incomparable to us parents' when you [hurt yourselves]. Life is beautiful. Please bear that in mind. Happy Birthday, Ice. We love you so much."

After the tragedy, friends and family of the Lustres posted the semicolon symbol on their social media accounts, accompanied by the hashtag #KeepGoing. The semicolon has been a symbol used to support people who are struggling with depression, self-harm, thoughts of suicide, or any form of addiction.

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