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Just 10 Adorable Photos Of 'The Return Of Superman' Stars Naeun And Gunhoo

Your hearts will melt—I promise.
PHOTO: instagram/annanotpark

Even if you don't watch Korean reality show The Return Of Superman, you're *probably* familiar with siblings Park Naeun and Park Gunhoo. These kids are all over the internet! Their dad is Korean professional football player Park Joo Ho and their mom Anna Park is originally from Switzerland.

Naeun (whose English name is Eden) and Gunhoo (Aciel) have been making our days brighter since 2018, when they first appeared on The Return Of Superman—a series that shows us what it's like when Korean celebrity dads are left to take care of their kids *alone*.

And because we LOVE THEM, here are 10 adorable photos of Naeun and Gunhoo: 

Waaah, here's Naeun and a *newborn* Gunhoo: 

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Here's a pic from November 2018. Remember when Gunhoo was THIS small? 

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Naeun always looks like a doll. Also, please note: Gunhoo is in a suit here. A SUIT!

They somehow make morning walks look like a commercial:  

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TBH, we wish we look this cute in PJs:

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We dearly love the episodes where they get to bond with pets. 

They also attend their dad's football matches regularly! Here they are with Joo Ho in July 2019:  

I imagine Naeun and Gunhoo ~*editing*~ the latest episode of The Return Of Superman in this photo.  

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P.S. Naeun and Gunhoo are going to have a new baby sibling soonYou can binge-watch The Return Of Superman episodes featuring the sibs on YouTube.

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