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10 New Asian Films And Series To Binge-Watch On Netflix This August

Yup, this month's roundup focuses on Asian content! Last month, we fangirled over Thai series and movies, plus Filipino romance films like Through Night And Day. For August, here's what Netflix has in store for us: 

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1. 2gether: The Series (Now Streaming) 

The popular Thai BL series starring Win Metawin Opas-Iamkajorn and Bright Vachirawit Chiva-aree tells the kilig story of two college students who enter a "fake" relationship but eventually develop real feelings for each other! 

2. Weathering With You (Now Streaming) 

The Japanese anime film is now available on the platform. A high school student named Hodaka runs away from home and goes to Tokyo, where he meets Hina, a girl with the ability to control the weather.

3. Once Before/Hindi Tayo Pwede (August 4) 

According to Netflix, Lovi Poe's character is torn between two lovers—she has to decide whether to "move on and open her heart to the present or hold on to the love of someone lost and gone forever."

4. How She Left Me/Kung Paano Siya Nawala (August 13)  

What's life like when you can never remember other people's faces? In Kung Paano Siya NawalaJM De Guzman stars as Lio, a man with face blindness (Prosopagnosia) who has a hard time connecting with others because of his condition. His life changes when he meets "free spirit" Shana, played by Rhian Ramos.

5. Stranger Season 2 (August 15) 

Season 1, which aired in 2017, starred Bae Doona and Cho Seung Woo, and they're making their comeback as police officers this month! According to Soompi, Stranger, also known as Forest Of Secrets, tells the story of an emotionless prosecutor (Cho Seung Woo) and a warm-hearted police officer (Bae Doona) who "join forces to solve hidden mysteries and investigate corruption"

6. Love The Way U Lie (August 19) 

According to Netflix, this movie tells the story of a "spunky lonely-in-love" psychic and a deceased wife who tries to get her grieving husband to move on with the psychic's help. 

7. Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol (August 26) 

This drama stars Go Ara and Lee Jae Wook! According to the series' Soompi description, it's about a pianist named Goo Lala who has fallen on hard times. She gets accepted in a piano academy where "she ends up crossing paths and falling in love with the tough and mysterious Sun Woo Joon, who seems to be hiding a lot of secrets."

8. Us, At The End Of The Year/Tayo Sa Huling Buwan Ng Taon (August 27)  

In this sequel to the 2016 movie Ang Kwento Nating Dalawa, five years have passed since the breakup of exes-turned-friends Sam (Nicco Manalo) and Isa (Emmanuelle Vera). They both "attempt to find romance but find nothing except the pain of being in love with someone else whom they can never be with." 

9. Sweet Munchies (August 28) 

The show's Netflix description reads: "To get his own TV show, a chef (Jung Il Woo) known for delectable late-night eats tells a major lie that complicates his relationships with those around him." He gets ~sandwiched~ between an unusual love triangle! 

10. The World Of The Married/A World Of Married Couple (August 28) 

ICYMI, this drama took the *world* by storm earlier this year. In The World Of The Married, a doctor who seems to have the perfect life suspects that her husband is having an affair. As she investigates, things go ~cray~ and she is forced to make some very difficult decisions. 


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