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8 New ~Creepy~ Films And Series To Binge-Watch On Netflix For Halloween

Popcorn's ready!
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Prepare your blankets and pillows and make sure to turn the lights off, because we've listed down a new batch of scary movies and shows you can binge-watch for Halloween! 

1. Marianne 

In this eight-episode French series, a woman who writes horror novels discovers that the demon from her books actually exists in the real world! She is lured back to her hometown and is forced to fight the creature by writing more stories. OMG, stooop. 

2. Haunted: Season 2

In Haunted, real people talk about their real experiences with ghosts and the supernatural. DO NOT watch this show alone. 

3. In The Tall Grass 

When two siblings hear a kid crying for help within a field of REALLY tall grass, they go in to rescue him, only to get trapped there themselves! This thriller is based on the novella of the same name by Stephen King and Joe Hill

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4. Fractured 

A loving father embarks on a search for his wife and daughter, who suddenly disappeared inside a hospital! No one remembers seeing them, and even the doctors deny that his daughter was ever admitted there. WHOA.  

5. Eli 

A young boy named Eli (Charlie Shotwell) has an unknown illness that requires him to live completely sealed off from the outside world. His parents bring him to a doctor that might just be his last hope. But, according to the film's Netflix description: "As Eli undergoes the tremendously intense process that could potentially cure him, he begins to be haunted by experiences that make him question who he can trust and what is lurking inside the house." 

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P.S. This film co-stars Stranger ThingsSadie Sink!

6. Shutter 

We bet you missed this horror classic. This Thai film tells the story of a couple who are haunted by mysterious images that show up in pictures! Shutter was so popular during its release in 2004 that it even inspired an American movie remake. 

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7. Eerie 

Based on the trailer, Eerie is told through the point of view of a guidance counselor, Patricia (Bea Alonzo), who works at an all-girls' Catholic school called Sta. Lucia Academy. The institution holds many secrets, including the death of a student named Erika whom they say, took her own life. Patricia sets out to find the truth about the young girl's death. 

8. Get Out 

An African-American named Chris (Daniel Kaluuya) visits his white girlfriend's parents for the very first time. But their place—and her parents—make him uneasy, until Chris discovers a really dark secret about the family. 

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