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10 New Books That Deserve A Spot On Your Bookshelf

Whether you're into love, mystery, or adventure, these books will keep you reading late into the night!
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A good book is a portal that can help you escape into another world after a long day. Are you the type who buys one book and finishes it before buying a new one, or are you more of a hoarder who's guilty of tsundoku (look it up!)? Whether you're on the hunt for your next great read or you simply love visiting bookstores, here are 10 reads that you might fancy. From love and adventure to mystery and "befriending" strangersthese books deserve to be on your TBR pile:

1. Meet Cute by Helena Hunting

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Patiently waiting for Fan Girl to hit movie theatres? You are not alone! While dreaming about Paulo Avelino, you may want to pick up a copy of Helena Hunting's novel, Meet Cute, which tells the story of Kaitlyn and her encounters with Daxton Hughes, a former actor she crushed on when she was a teenager. Will the ending be an ultimate fangirl's dream come true? Grab a copy to find out!

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2. The Farm by Joanne Ramos

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Wouldn't it be a treat to get organic meals, daily massages, and a personal fitness trainerfor FREE? You'll even get paid! The catch? You need to produce a perfect, healthy baby for someone else. Joanne Ramos presents a high-end kind of surrogacy, with a Filipina immigrant as its main protagonist. The Farm sheds light on the hardships Overseas Filipino Workers go through to be able to provide for their families and motherhood.

Here's a trivia: Author Joanna Ramos was born in the Philippines and she moved to Wisconsin when she was six!

3. Bola-Bola by Anna Geronga

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If you're looking for a dose of kilig, author Anna Geronga serves them aplenty in Bola-Bola, a YA novel that cooks up a fine mix of childhood crushes, friendship, first love, and good food. Meet Thea Balderama, a 17-year-old senior high school student who loves Harry Potter and cooking. Just like any student, she worries about college and what lies ahead for her and her friends. Add to that her insecurities about her weight and how she'll never measure up to her mother's standards—her plate is full. Then one day, Lucas Benitez, her kuya's best friend and her childhood crush, comes back into her life, giving her butterflies in her stomach.

4. Again, But Better by Christine Riccio

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If you're given a chance to re-do some things in your life, wouldn't you grab it with both hands? In her book, Christine Riccio introduces Shane, the perfect student with good grades who divides her time between going to class and spending time in her dorm. Wanting to shake things up and come out of her comfort zone, she decides to spend a semester in London. Will it be a fun adventure like she imagined? This book shows us that it takes courage to conquer your dreams.

5. The Proposal by Jasmine Guillory

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Those public (and viral) proposals are fun to watch, but what if the girl ended up saying no? Freelance writer Nik had to escape the hate of her ex-boyfriend's fans and the comments on her social media accounts after a proposal gone wrong. Fortunately, a handsome doctor comes to her rescue. Will he be a rebound or something more? Get a copy to find out!

6. Nine Perfect Strangers by Liane Moriarty

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Missing Big Little Lies? Author Liane Moriarty brings us to the Tranquillum House, a place where people recharge and even lose weight. Working five days (or more!) a week can wear you out and sometimes, you just want to escape your responsibilities and travel to a secluded resort far from the city. But will a stay in a resort change you for the better or worse? Some resorts make you want to stay there forever and there are those that aren't for second visitsfind out if you'll want to spend days in the Tranquillum House, too. This page-turner is the perfect read if you love mysteries!

7. The Rosie Result by Graeme Simsion

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Are you a fan of The Rosie Project? Follow Don and Rosie's adventure as they find their way back to Melbourne with a new set of challenges to overcomeincluding parenthood. How will the World's Best Problem Solver handle being a parent? Getting help from friends and opening a cocktail bar can do wonders, just take it from Don.

8. The Flatshare by Beth O'Leary

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Is it possible to fall in love with someone you've never met? Is it okay to fall in love with your roommate? Beth O'Leary, dubbed as "the new Jojo Moyes" by Cosmopolitan UK, lets us in on the story of Tiffy and Leon, two individuals who share an apartment and have never met. Connected by the notes they leave for each other, they prove that opposites do attract. Looking for a rom-com kind of read? 10/10 will reco this one!

9. City Of Girls by Elizabeth Gilbert

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A love story like no other according to Amazon, City of Girls tells the story of 89-year-old Vivian Morris and her experiences as a 19-year-old living in Manhattan who made a mistake that resulted in a scandal. It will teach you a thing or two about love, freedom, and finding happiness.

10. The Last Romantics by Tara Conklin

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Every family has a unique bond that can survive any challenge or crisis. In her novel, Tara Conklin tells the story of poet Fiona Skinner and her family, including the trials they survived and the ties that bring them together. What can you do to save the people you love? What are you willing to give up for your family? Serious yet thought-provoking, The Last Romantics will teach you about the power of true love.

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