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Guys, Nico Bolzico Just Released A New Set Of Bullied Husbands Club Rules!

'It is not about doing one sweet thing, but a continuity of sweet actions, exactly how a relationship should be.'
PHOTO: Instagram/nicobolzico

Celebrity couple Nico Bolzico and Solenn Heussaff, who recently released a webnovel of their love story called Forever Makes Sense, just joined Maja Salvador's #OhNaNaNaDanceChallenge! In an Instagram post today, Nico tells us why he participated and why he did the challenge with his wife. 

He intoduces us to a new Bullied Husbands Club (BHC) term, the cute concept of "Marry Miles," which is basically a "currency" that's used in every relationship. Much like frequent flyer miles or airline miles, earning Marry Miles is a way to make a partnership better!

According to Nico, to earn Marry Miles, "You do things that you should do every day for your #Wifezilla [Solenn] in an extra special way... It is not about doing one sweet thing, but a continuity of sweet actions, exactly how a relationship should be." A.k.a. Joining a dance challenge and posting it on Instagram! 


Here are some Marry Miles-worthy examples from the BHC co-founder: 

1. When choosing a film to watch: 

"You are about to watch a movie and your #Wifezilla tells you, 'Ït is my turn to choose the movie.' This means you spent your #MarryMiles in the last movie you watched—for sure you made her watch Avengers or something like that. Now, sit back and enjoy Pitch Perfect (that I love, by the way)." 

2. When ~asking for permission~ to hang out with your friends: 

"Imagine: Your friends are planning to spend the weekend hiking a mountain, and of course this requires permission from #Wifezilla. If you received this piece of information with enough anticipation, your #MarryMiles earnings starts." 

3. When you're doing simple chores: 

"Making the bed: You must make the bed every day, but in this occasion maybe drop some flowers on top." 

4. When planning a date night:

"For your next date, cook her favorite dinner (don't go out for dinner): Surprise her when she gets home! If you don't know how to cook, the #BulliedHusbandClub can help you [by] sending a qualified member to your house (Erwan [Heussaff]of course).

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5. When accompanying her on shopping trips: 

"Go shopping with her: Be careful here, because this can backfire easily. In my case, when I want to support #Wifezilla on her shopping days, I end up being a sandbag; always feeling tired, bored, and looking for every opportunity to sit down. One time, I sat down on the escalator. That won't work." 

Nico ends his post by saying, "For more information on #MarryMiles, there is a whole chapter on the #BulliedHusdbandClub Hand Book." 

Now, the question remains: WHERE CAN WE GET A COPY OF THE BULLIED HUSBANDS CLUB HAND BOOK? Please, please enlighten us, Nico! 


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