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Baby Thylane Is Nico Bolzico's Number One Priority: 'She is more important than work'

'Everything I do—in terms of career, fitness, health—it's about her.'
PHOTO: INSTAGRAM/nicobolzico

There's no doubt that Nico Bolzico has become one of our favorite internet celebrities in the past few years. Sure, he started out being recognized as Solenn Heussaff's ridiculously funny other half, but nowadays, it's because we've seen him transform into a doting father to their one-year-old daughter, Thylane Katana. The Argentinian businessman sat down with brother-in-law Erwan Heussaff on Wil Dasovich's new Spotify podcast, SuperHuman, and talked about what being successful means to him now that he's a father.

Nico opened up by saying that he focuses on his health and fitness, and works out every single daynot just to feel good about himself, but mainly for Thylane: "For me, I always prioritize health and fitness. So I make sure I work out… Not only because of the way [it makes me] feel, but because the way I feel is how everyone around me will feel, especially Thylane. Today, Thylane is my number one priority. That's why when I work out and I wanna feel healthy, it's for her. Because I wanna feel healthy as long as possible, in order to be able to play with her, be there for her, and to support her in life in general."


He continued to share that his priorities shifted when he became a father. Before Thylane, he spent most of his hours working on his company LM10, along with several other businesses, but nowadays, he devotes six hours each day to his baby girl. "When it comes to the time distribution of my day to day, Thylane became a priority in the sense that she is more important than work," he said. "As of today, I spend three hours in the morning with her and three hours in the afternoon. And that's non-negotiable. I don't care if I have a meetingit's non-negotiable."

Nico, however, quickly acknowledged the fact that working fewer hours and still being able to provide for his family is a privilege in itself: "We are very, very lucky that we can do that because there [are] a lot of people with different realities. They can't just say, 'Okay, I'm gonna take six hours of the day to be with my child.' And I can." He then revealed that he's now slowed down his pace, and likened his work style to a "working hippie." "I realized that spending time with Thylane is what I really want to do. Everything I doin terms of career, fitness, healthit's about her. Of course, I still think for myself, but I always think like, 'How [will this] allow me to spend more quality time with her?'" he said.

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Nico closed off the topic by revealing that he used to have dreams of owning a multinational company with 2,000 employees. Ask him today and he'll answer this: "That's not the objective of my life anymore."

You can watch the heartwarming podcast by clicking here.

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