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Nico Just Pulled The WORST Prank On Solenn

We can't forgive you for this, Nico.
PHOTO: Instagram/nicobolzico

Truth: There is never a dull moment in the Heussaff-Bolzico household.

We all know how crazy Nico Bolzico could get with Solenn Heussaff in the many Instagram posts he dedicates to his lovely Wifezilla. But the Argentinian funnyman can only go so far without us going "WTH, NICO?!"

Over the weekend, Nico pulled what could be the worst prank he's ever (publicly) pulled on Sos: He put some powder (or flour?!) in her hairdryer and documented Sos using it after her shower. The result? Nothing pretty.

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What makes it worse is Nico posting a side-by-side photo of Sos (in all her powdered glory) alongside Suicide Squad's Katana. NOT. FUNNY. NICO.

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While were all for forgiveness, we don't want Nico to get away with this unscathed. So we're banking on you, Sos, to make your move. And Nico, you better get ready for it.  

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LOL Who are we kidding?! We still love you, Nico!

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