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Kids ~Meeting~ K-Pop Idols Is The Best Thing You'll See Today

Kids meeting K-pop idols on ODG

Heartwarming content coming through: If you're fond of children and Korean culture, you will love ODG Studio—a Korean YouTube channel that features the *cutest kids* who will also make you ~realize~ things.

ODG Studio's slogan is "you were a kid once" and it won't be long before you start looking back on your childhood when you watch their clips! What's also interesting about this channel is that it showcases the diverse cultures and lifestyles of different people. In short, everything here is just wholesome, fun, and inspiring! Fun fact: Apart from its YouTube arm, ODG is also a Korean clothing brand and you will see most of the kids sporting their latest line on their vlogs. 

With almost a hundred videos on their YT channel, ODG Studio has a variety of content to suit your liking—from meeting Korean personalities to having *deep* conversations with their parents. But our favorite would definitely be the ones where the kids interact with K-pop idols!

One of ODG's latest uploads is kids reviewing Super Junior's career from the moment they wore ~spiky~ hairstyles as rookies to where they are now, aka a legendary K-pop group that *everyone* looks up to. When Yesung said: "Well, age isn't important. But you can call me uncle although I've been telling you I'm an oppa," we can't help but LOL, haha!

SHINee also appeared in an ODG career review video and you guys, prepare your tissues once you watch this clip because it will make you cry so, so hard. Minho fondly described the late Jonghyun in one frame and it all warmed our Shawol hearts. :(


The ODG kids also got the chance to meet the foreign members of NCT, who conversed with them using their native languages! They also shared treats from their home countries to the bbs.

Jessi also came to ODG as a Korean-American but as a...child! She asked them to treat her as if they're the same age, and even played games with the ODG kids. Jessi left them with great advice, such as appreciating the time you have with your parents and living your life the way you want it to be. 

In a video with iKON's BOBBY, the ODG kids revealed how they were bullied in school, and one of them said that she would even go to the restroom during break time to cry. The K-pop rapper then shared how he deals with his ~haters~, and it's by pouring out his emotions on songwriting.

Now the video that everyone is currently talking about puts the spotlight on Minseo, an ODG kid and child actress who got the chance to meet her ultimate idol, IU. At first, she had to pretend not to know her, and she perfectly did so! Minseo soon realized that it was just a part of the script, and she burst out crying when IU shook her hand because she couldn't believe what was happening, huhu. You also can't miss out on the part where she re-enacted a heartbreaking scene from IU's K-drama, My Mister. Love this for you, Minseo!

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