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7 Powerful Female K-Pop Artists That You Should Listen To Right Now

Hail to the queens.
7 powerful K-pop artists
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In a sea of K-Pop idol groups, being a solo artist is no easy feat. It's hard to promote on your own, and even harder to carry the entire stage by yourself. But there are some that just naturally have so much charisma and stage presence that you can't help but stan.

Shying away from the usual bubblegum concept, here’s a list of badass female K-pop artists that hold so much power with their bold, brave and bewitching image, we can’t seem but wonder how they ~wake up blessed, lookin’ fresh.~  

1. CL

Some female K-Pop artists need no introduction, because she goes by the name of…you know it already. GZBz were found screaming today as the baddest female just dropped her latest music video for “Post Up”, a fire-spitting track that signals a new era in time for her upcoming album this October. CL’s last comeback was in 2019 as an independent artist, following her departure from her long-time agency, YG Entertainment. Yeah, we totally teared up when she sang, “2NE1, my past, my forever blessing.” (Former 2NE1 member, Minzy, shared the clip on her Instagram account!)


“If life is a game, the mission is to level up. Even if I fall nine times, I’ll get up 10.” Yup, you bet this queen will forever be our spirit animal.

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2. Jessi

This fearless, hi hop artist has always been true when it comes to her opinionno sugarcoating, just straight-up, unapologetic words. Jessi is a runner-up from the South Korean rap competition, Unpretty Rapstar, and has come a long way ever since her stint in the show. She’s the first artist to sign under PSY’s label, P Nation, whom she mentioned as someone who gave her the go signal to be herself in her comeback song, “NUNU NANA” (which we super love, btw. Ladies, put ‘em up in the air!)


The “NUNU NANA” challenge was all over the internet, and even K-Pop sensations like Dara, Tiffany Young, and Henry Lau joined in the fun. I mean, the song is SO catchy, you really can’t help but dance!

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3. Lee Hyori

Give it up for the OG queen! Lee Hyori is a former member of the first-generation K-Pop girl group, Fin.KL, and eventually made her solo debut in 2003. The artist is known for her sexy appeal, which remains the same as the years pass by. She’s a true legend, and new K-Pop groups have been doing covers of her famous songs!

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Hyori makes up 1/3 of the recently-formed co-ed group, SSAK3, with fellow K-Pop legend Rain, and Korea’s National MC, Yoo Jae Suk, for a project on MBC’s How Do You Play. Meanwhile, another group project was produced, and this time it’s Hyori’s dream team with Jessi, MAMAMOO’s Hwasa, and legendary Uhm Jung Hwa called Refund Expedition. Just in case you’re looking for Queen Hyori’s Instagram account, she deactivated it already, but plans to look for other means of communication with her fans (yay!). Here’s Queen Hyori with her Refund Sisters:

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4. Hwasa

The cool girl that everyone’s talking about totally deserves the spotlight —she deviates herself from the typical beauty standards and sets her own, and needs no frame, no fake. Hwasa. That’s the tweet.

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Born Ahn Ye Jin, the MAMAMOO member is not just famous for her stance on visuals, but also for her undeniable talent when it comes to singing, dancing, rapping…and even eating! Hwasa’s appearance on MBC’s I Live Alone paved the way for people to discover her humble personality and love for gopchang (small intestines), with the dish becoming in-demand and extra popular in South Korea (yes, she did that.) This just goes to show how multi-faceted this queen is.


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5. HyunA

You have probably heard of “Bubble Pop” somewhere, and if you’re curious who’s behind that 2011 bop, it’s HyunA who gave us the hot girl summer vibes. The former 4Minute member is now under P Nation, along with Jessi and her boyfriend, E’Dawn (who continues to show how much they love each other despite what happened before. We stan an unbothered king and queen). Hyuna is slated for her comeback last month, but was postponed due to her health condition.

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Aside from her cute yet sexy track, Hyuna is best known for her ferocious comebacks, such as this one with more than 100 million views on YouTube:


6. Hyolyn

From the summer girl group (whom we truly miss!) that gave us “Touch My Body”, “Shake It”, and “Ma Boy”, Hyolyn is a former member of SISTAR, and now continues her career as a successful solo artist. Aside from her sultry image, she’s also loved by many for her mesmerizing voice, which she lent to the OST of iconic K-dramas such as My Love From The Star and Uncontrollably Fond.

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Hyolyn just came back with “Say My Name” last month, which she penned herself. What a total bae! On the other hand, here’s our favorite Hyolyn song that totally describes her in one word:


7. Sunmi

Can’t nobody stop a soloist with a string of top-charting songs under her belt. Sunmi started as a member of another legendary K-Pop girl group, Wonder Girls, took a hiatus, and came back as a solo artist. One of her hit tracks, “Gashina”, has been recognized by a lot of global fans (whom she is proud of for having a lot of female ones), and even K-Pop idols took their turns in doing a dance cover on variety shows.



Queen Sunmi has been pretty busy these days, after coming back with “pporappippam”, collaborating with Park Jin Young a.k.a JYP for “When We Disco”, and releasing a special video for her all-English track on mental health

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