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The Many Times Boy Abunda Asked ~Unforgettable~ Questions

We're bringing back a few times his questions have honestly made us *think*.
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Boy Abunda has been in the entertainment industry since the '90s. Yup, it has been nearly three decades since he first showed up on our TV screens as a host on GMA's Startalk with Kris Aquino and Lolit Solisso it totally makes sense that the host has served up some truly unforgettable quotes. And better yet, as one of the country's most notable talk show hosts, he has asked some truly eyebrow-raising questions (in both good ways, and "Wait, what?" ways).

Tito Boy had everyone tripping over the question he asked as a judge for Binibining Pilipinas 2021 on July 11we're probably not the only ones who thought of the K-drama It's Okay To Not Be Okay or maybe how the beauty queens-slash-hosts Catriona Gray and Nicole Cordoves themselves would answer it. Over the course of his career, he's had the chance to put personalities in the hot seat and ask other thought-provoking Qs. We round up some of his most interesting questions yetyou know, in case pretending to be the center of attention at a talk show is your guilty pleasure a la Maris Racal pretending to be interviewed by Tito Boy in the bathroom, or you just want to really think about your life choices.


Prep for the ultimate talk-show segment with these unforgettable questions from Boy Abunda:

When is it okay not to be okay? And when is it not okay to be not okay?

Karren Laurie Mendoza of Iloilo had an answer-which, while not stellar, is still leagues ahead of the straight-up "I Quit" we would have given if we were in her place. Tito Boy's question was unsurprisingly meme-d to infinity and beyond. 

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Lights on or lights off?

The highly entertaining Fast Talk segment on the Tonight With Boy Abunda is arguably always the one with the most potential to go viral after every episode airs (mostly depending on how scandalous the late night's guest's answers were). In this segment, Tito Boy asks whichever big name is currently on the hot seat rapid-fire questionsusually a choice between A or Bwhile switching between PG and R-18 themes. You can guess which one this falls under.

Sex or chocolates?

Tito Boy's most famous (or infamous) Fast Talk question goes the adults-only route. It's hilarious watching the celebs' varied answers, from trying to outwit the question or just straight-up giving a totally frank answer. It's definitely one way to know way more about a person than you really should. Thank goodness it's way past the kids' bedtime!

Maghahapunan ang pangulo sa tahanan mo. Ano'ng ihahanda mo?

Fast Talk isn't just for steamy questions. Honestly, this one has us pondering. If the Philippines' top official were to eat at your house, is there anything we non-cooks could prepare (aside from calling for a delivery)? Nothing like a random, seemingly simple question to set off an existential crisis. 


Why do birds suddenly appear?

That's a legit question. Especially if no one special is even nearby. 

What is one thing you do not need a man for?

Tito Boy also tailors his questions to the celeb on the hot seat (of course). He had this to ask the former Miss U and her flawless answer"To thrive"has us putting this down as an absolute win. Also, it's definitely something you could ask a friend in need, in case they need a reminder post-heartbreak.

Ilalabas ko ang aking mahiwagang salamin, ano ang nakikita mo? 

How's a throwback all the way back to The Buzz era. Tito Boy brought back the "mahiwagang salamin" for Tonight With Boy Abundathis time as the "Golden Mirror." Celebs would face the toughest questions ever, not from Tito Boy, but from themselves! Yup, leave it to him to find a way to make things meta. 



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