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PSA: 'Parasite' Will Return To The ~Big Screen~ At Cinema '76

You can watch it starting February 5!

We live in a time where streaming has become an option to watch movies, and thus, our trips to the cinemas have *lessened*. With videos easily accessible through our fingertips, how could we say no if it will cut us the time and effort to go out and line up at a movie theater?

However, the ~feeling~ of watching a movie on a big screen, surrounded by fellow movie fans (or couples on dates and families spending their day together) is still unparalleled.

If you've been wanting to watch Bong Joon Ho's award-winning film Parasite on the ~big screen~, here's your chance! Cinema '76 Film Society will be showing the film again starting February 5, 2020!

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It's time to go outside and watch a movie the ~traditional~ way! The comfy and intimate theaters of Cinema '76 are located in San Juan and Anonas.

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