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Park Bo Gum On Song Hye Kyo: 'She is beautiful in every way'

Headlines, hot news, and conversation starters on November 22, 2018!
PHOTO: Encounter/tvN

1. Park Bo Gum and Song Hye Kyo talk about working with each other in Encounter

On November 21, the press got the chance to talk to Park Bo GumSong Hye Kyo, and director Park Shin Woo about their new K-drama, Encounter. Bo Gum gushed about Hye Kyo: "She treats me to food a lot and gives good acting advice. She is beautiful in every way." Their working relationship is apparently super solid: "I am so honored to work together. Hye Kyo noona takes good care of me and is considerate. At first, it was a bit difficult to approach her, but we got a lot closer while filming and while talking about our characters."

Hye Kyo revealed, "People seem to think we were very close, but to be honest, we did not know each other well before meeting for Encounter. He is younger, but it was still difficult for me to approach him."

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Still, the two quickly got along: "There were no disagreements with every conversation, and we were always on the same page, so filming is going smoothly in both Cuba and Korea." The Korean beauty also shared that husband Song Joong Ki "would enjoy watching" and told her to "work hard." 

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2. Is KC Concepcion getting married?

Actress KC Concepcion posted this photo on Instagram, and her message has the Internet wondering if she's getting married soon:

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User sbagtasrn said, "Wow excited to see u tie d knot ms kc to ure known prince." Another user, nitaaduana, commented, "[here] comes the bride.."

3. Bretman Rock plays the Guess That Song Challenge with sister Princess Mae

Just what the world needs: another Bretman Rock x Princess Mae video! And this time, they're here to play the Guess That Song Challenge!

4. Chocolates for Christmas? Always and all ways!

#BeMoreImaginative this holiday season, and give compliments with chocolates: Customizable Toblerone Blank Packs are back! Solenn Heussaff, Toblerone's current celebrity designer, created two limited edition sleeves this year.

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Her artwork is based on your favorite Christmas songs! Make sure the holidays are extra merry for you and your loved ones this year. ;)

5. Get Spotify Premium for only P9

The holidays are expensive enough, so every chance to save is something we welcome completely. Spotify reintroduces its limited holiday offer for new and existing users. First-time Spotify Premium users can enjoy three months of access for only P9. What a steal!

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Spotify Premium users who canceled their account before October 16, 2018 can access three months for only P129. Btw: These loffers are valid for eligible listeners who sign up between November 16  to December 31, 2018.