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Park Min Young On Starting Her YouTube Channel: 'It would be fun to show my true self'

She's also holding a ~contest~.
PHOTO: YouTube/Just Parkminyoung

One of our ultimate fave K-drama actresses has launched her YouTube channel and we’re so excited for all the content we’ll get to watch! On June 9, Park Min Young officially revealed her YouTube channel Just Parkminyoung.  

For her first video, the actress got candid about why she decided to start vlogging. “I felt burdened about showing too much of myself, but I wanted to try it out to please my fans. I noticed that those who didn’t know about me were surprised because of how different my personality is from my looks. A lot of people tell me that they never knew my personality would be like this.” 

“So I thought it would be fun to show my true self,” she continued.

Just like us, she shared that she’s obsessed with YouTube, and blames its algorithm for her sleepless nights, lol. Even though she swears she’ll just watch one video, she ends up watching a lot because of all the suggested titles! We can totally relate.

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She shares she enjoys watching skating videos, especially “old winter sports” clips. Aside from that, she also enjoys cooking, makeup, and workout videos.

“Sometimes she’ll be an actress and sometimes the casual Park Min Young will come out when she’s not shooting,” she said. 

The What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim star also gave us a teaser of what we can expect from her vlogs, and said that she’d like to share some hair and makeup secrets as well.

Min Young also held a “mini contest” and asked viewers to come up with a name for her subscribers. The prize if you win? Kimchi from her!

Watch her first video here:

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