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Just Videos Of Park Seo Joon Eating Really, Really Well

Warning: These will make you so hungry.

Longtime Park Seo Joon fans know that he *loves* to eat. In fact, during his 2019 "fun meet" in Manila in 2019, he said that he doesn't like to break his diet while filming, but he couldn't resist treating himself to sisig and beer. Then, there are his YouTube vlogs. 

In this one, published on April 20, 2020, Seo Joon starts by literally clapping over the arrival of kimchi (I relate to this so much, lol), and says, "Meal time [is] happy time for me." Solidifying his spot on my Favorite Mukbangers list, he lifts some of the dishes toward the camera to give the audience a closer look. On the menu are dumpling soup, fried rice, shrimp mandu, kimchi, and an extra order of dumplings. I'm a fan of his big bites, nakakagutom talaga

Here naman, he's out feasting on samgyeopsal and kimchi, and unbeatable combo. 

But you've probably seen his vlogs before. What you might've missed, though, is Seo Joon eating really, really well in Three Meals A Day, a reality show that premiered in 2014; he was a guest in 2019. The cast lives in a rural village three days a week and cooks their own meals. In this case, the cast consists of three actresses: Yum Jung Ah (Sky Castle), Yoon Se Ah (Sky Castle), and Park So Dam (Parasite). 

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When Seo Joon arrives, Jung Ah and Se Ah say "Omo!" in unison; he and So Dam greet each other by their Parasite character names! They ask him if he's eaten breakfast and he says no, which of course prompted them to feed him dried pollack soup and grilled deodeok. He starts eating at 4:04. 

In the next video, everyone prepares cold kimchi noodles for lunch. You can see Seo Joon eating at 1:34. 

Also in Episode 10, Seo Joon proves that he's not a newbie in the kitchen. Here, he seasons some steaks and marinates it in olive oil, while Jung Ah and Se Ah prepare the side dishes: vegetables, grilled onions, and mashed potatoes.

Seo Joon takes the first bite, and I'm over here convinced that I deserve to eat steak today, haha! Napasayaw pa sila sa sobrang sarap!

Here's another super sarap meal in Episode 11:

I'm not even a soup person but watching them enjoy that jjigae has me googling a bunch of recipes. 

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And here's a bonus video of Lee Young Joon proving his love through marinated crabs:


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