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You Guys, There Was A Park Seo Joon Lookalike In Jollibee And We're Still Hoping He Really Was PSJ

We know the odds aren't in our favor, but whatever.
PHOTO: (LEFT) Instagram/benchtm, (RIGHT) Facebook/TheSarangheOppa

On September 27, 2019, Park Seo Joon arrived in Manila for his fan meet, which is scheduled today, September 29.

While we’re all thrilled he’s here, we have to admit, we wish we could see him outside the event. There’s nothing like catching your celeb crush being real and doing something so average—but at the same time still look perfect.

And it seems like we got our wish—kind of. This morning, photos of a Park Seo Joon look-alike eating in Jollibee began making its rounds on Facebook. Credited to Cj Rivera, the post reads, “Muntikan na ako atakihin sa puso kanina. Akala ko nasa Jollibee P. Noval lang si Park Seo Joon! Gusto ko na sumigaw ng ‘Saranghae, oppa!’ kanina hahaha.”

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We can’t get over the guy’s uncanny resemblance to the Korean star, especially with the side part and thick brows. We know there’s practically no chance it’s PSJ, but we also know where tourists go when they visit the Philippines.

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