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Oh, No! Park Seo Joon Had A Hard Time Filming Action Scenes For 'The Divine Fury' And Called It 'Hell'

PSJ: 'If there was a hell, this would be close to it.'
PHOTO: (LEFT) Instagram/bn_sj2013, (RIGHT) The Divine Fury/Lotte Entertainment

We'll soon be able to see Park Seo Joon as a champion MMA fighter + priest in his new supernatural action film, The Divine Fury. His new character, Yong Hoo, is an athlete who goes undercover and teams up with an exorcist from the Vatican to fight evil forces trying to disrupt the world. And ICYMI, the film is coming to Korean theaters on July 31, 2019 (we're still waiting for an international release date)! 

Soompi reports that in order to perfectly capture Yong Hoo's hands—which are scarred but have special powersSeo Joon was the first actor in a Korean film to shoot scenes with LED lights attached to his hands to create a more realistic effect. It was no small feat. 

Seo Joon even said, "I had certain expectations after reading the script, and the scenes were much harder to film than I had expected. It made me think, 'If there was a hell, this would be close to it.' In the scenes that require computer graphics, it was difficult because I had to use my imagination to fill in the full picture. It was an opportunity for me to grow one step further." 

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To prep for the film, PSJ flew to the US to train for his fight scenes! He said, "I actually trained and worked with a professional fighter. I think we were able to get more realistic scenes because he and I really traded blows." 

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Aww, Seo Joon! Watch the trailer for The Divine Fury below: 

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