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7 Movies And TV Shows Starring Park So Dam (2020 Update)

In case you want to see more of *Jessica*.
park so dam movies and tv shows

"Jessica, Only Child, Illinois, Chicago." If you loved Parasite like me, you probably have Jessica's iconic jingle memorized (P.S. you can actually download it)! And if you want to see more of *Jessica*, you'd be glad to know that she's starring in a new drama opposite Park Bo GumDaebak, right? Here are seven movies and TV shows starring talented actress Park So Dam:

1. The Silenced (2015) 

This movie takes place during the Japanese occupation in Korea. Park So Dam plays a supporting character named Yeon Deok, a student at a mysterious all-girls boarding school where some students have gone missing.  

2. The Priests (2015)

In this film, So Dam plays a girl who's believed to be possessed by an evil spirit! Two priests try their best to ~free~ her.


3. Cinderella And The Four Knights (2016) 

Ha Won (So Dam), a high school graduate who dreams of going to college, ends up getting hired by a rich chaebol to set his grandsons straight and teach them some *manners*. There's only one rule: She's not allowed to date any of them, but most of them fall for her anyway! 

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Where you can watch it: Netflix 

4. A Beautiful Mind (2016) 

A traffic policewoman (So Dam) witnesses a murder disguised as a traffic accident. She rushes the victim to the hospital, where she meets a genius neurosurgeon "who suffers from the inability to feel emotions.

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5. Fukuoka (2019)

According to The Korea Herald, So Dam's character in this movie convinces a middle-aged bookstore owner to travel from Seoul, Korea to Fukuoka, Japan, where his estranged friend now lives. Get this: The movie will confuse you and make you wonder if So Dam's character is real or not

6. Parasite (2019) 

The award-winning film tells the story of two completely different familiesthe Kims and the Parks. When the Kims' eldest child starts working as a tutor for the Parks' daughter, they devise a plan to get the whole family involved! So Dam plays Kim Ki Jung aka Jessica, a ~fake~ art therapist.

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Where you can watch it: Viu

7. Record Of Youth (2020) 

Yup, she's starring opposite Park Bo Gum in this one! So Dam plays makeup artist Ahn Jeong Ha who meets aspiring model and actor Sa Hye Jun (Bo Gum). Byeon Woo Seok plays Hye Jun's ~privileged~ BFF Won Hae Hyo. The drama will start streaming on September 7! 

Where you can watch it: Netflix 


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