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Pauleen Luna Opens Up About Fitness Journey: 'Living with PCOS is no joke'

'I've accepted that it's a slow progress but slow is better than none.'
PHOTO: INSTAGRAM/pauleenlunasotto

Polycystic ovary syndrome or PCOS is an extremely common hormonal disorder that affects an estimated one in five womenwith Pauleen Luna being one of them. The 32-year-old host and actress recently revealed that she was suffering from PCOS and shared her fitness journey via an Instagram video.

In the 46-second-long clip, you will see Pauleen doing an at-home workout on her Pilates Reformer machine. "A little over a month into my fitness journey and I'm starting to feel strength coming back," she wrote on the caption. She then detailed that she's been making lifestyle changes, particularly in her diet and exercise, because "living with PCOS is no joke."

"I've accepted that it's a slow progress but slow is better than none," Pauleen continued. "Living with PCOS is no joke. Making good choices with my food intake and moving (it's pilates, walking, spinning for me) has been my priority lately. So happy where I am right now and I really pray that God will sustain me."


Even though more women have gotten themselves checked for PCOS and are vocal about their struggles, it still remains largely undiagnosed. It's important to note that PCOS is related to our hormones and insulin production, and if untreated, can give rise to problems such as diabetes, infertility, cancers, or osteoporosis. General lifestyle changes must be adopted if you have PCOS (just like what Pauleen's been doing). And these range from a shift in diet and exercise and treating PCOS with birth control pills or progesterone tablets.

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