16 Ridiculously Cute Photos Of Jacob Elordi And Joey King IRL

Our new OTP, tbh.
PHOTO: Instagram/jacobelordi

It looks like we're not getting over our The Kissing Booth obsession any time soon. Do we know that the storyline isn't exactly A+? Yes. But will we still watch it five more times? Yes again. Do we regularly stalk lead stars and real-life couple Jacob Elordi and Joey King on Instagram? You bet.

Below, 16 ridiculously cute photos of our new OTP:

  1. Here they are dressed up as Jack and Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas for Halloween:

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  2. And here they are again a few weeks after the first photo with a little spin on their original costume:

  3. Casually sharing an ice cream cone looking all cute:

  4. Showing some PDA at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter theme park, cold butter beers in tow:

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  5. Can we all just agree that Jacob looked like an absolute angel during this scene in the film? Love this behind-the-scenes snap of them:

  6. Rebel Without A Cause reference? We approve!

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  7. Here's Jacob documenting the day he brought Joey along for a concert of his favorite Aussie band:

  8. Kisses on the cheek? Check!

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  9. They also spent the holidays at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter—yeah, we’re pretty jealous about this one.

  10. Here they are having a little picnic to celebrate love and all mushy things that couples in love do:

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  11. Here's Joey publicly declaring her gratitude for Jacob for staying with her while she was at the dentist's. We all love a supportive boyfriend!

  12. We mean, just the way these two look at each other!

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  13. Here they are rallying for gun control in the US—yasss, advocacy!

  14. Okay, these coordinated outfits for travel is pretty cute:

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  15. This birthday greeting though:

    "Happy birthday to this lovely Australian @jacobelordi Who is not only my boyfriend but my hella dope best friend. We had the luck of meeting each other on the set of a film we did together in South Africa called The Kissing Booth. I can't wait for people to see Jacob and I in the sickest teen comedy love story on the block. Love you J bird, thanks for being in ma life. You're pretty incredible...but I still hate vegemite. #happylittlevegemite."

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  16. Finally, this totally adorbs polaroid of the two enjoying dessert.

Stay in love, you guys.

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