Pinay Celebs That Could Star In Your Favorite K-Dramas

Do you think they can pull it off, too?
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We've been #blessed with Pinoy remakes of some of our fave K-Dramas in the past. Remember My Girl starring Kim Chiu and Gerald AndersonLovers in Paris headlined by KC Concepcion and Piolo Pascual? How about when Marian Rivera played the leads in Temptation of Wife and Endless Love

This got us thinking: If our other fave K-Dramas get local adaptaions soon, who could play the female lead roles?

Like our previous story, this isn't about Pinay actresses who resemble K-Drama stars (although some do look alike!) Rather, it's about the ~acting chops~ of our local celebs that could make them suitable for the K-Drama roles. And this time, we also asked fellow K-Drama fans what they think. Do you agree with our suggestions?

Kang Mo-yeon, Descendants of the Sun, played by Song Hye-kyo

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Our pick: Heart Evangelista

"She can carry Kang Mo-yeon's fasyon side with grace. And the doctor's gown? YAS!"—Twila, fan since Full House

Maybe she'll even tote one of her signature Hermès bags during that scene where Kang Mo-yeon turns the hospital hallway into a catwalk. Heart's sweet and demure character matches the part, too, and we’re sure she’ll be worthy of Capt. Yoo Si-jin's attention. #GOALS

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Kim Hye-jin, She Was Pretty, played by Hwang Jung-eum

Our pick: Angelica Panganiban

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"Magaling siya sa rom-coms eh!"—Eds, fan since My Girl

Who would forget Angelica's role in That Thing Called Tadhana? And in IRL, she's super funny, and nobody would question how she ~slays~ dramatic scenes. Her versatility definitely makes her a great choice as Hye-jin. (Now imagine if John Lloyd played Siwon's role—the wacky hopeless romantic Kim Shin-hyuk. Kakayanin kaya natin ang #hugot?)

Song Ma-rin, Tomorrow With You, played by Shin Min-ah

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Our pick: Bea Alonzo

"'Yung acting sobrang kaya niya, mature and sweet role kasi. Si Bea naging girl friend na, naging kabit na—lahat na! So kaya niya i-pull off 'yung role. Tapos 'yung lead guy nai-imagine ko na nag-e-MRT pabalik-balik, Cubao to Ayala Station LOL!"—Boiz, fan since Princess Hours

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In this drama, Ma-rin is haunted by her past as a child star, a train accident she luckily missed, and an awful drinking habit—all of which get trumped when she became the wife of time traveler. The role requires someone very versatile, and we know Bea won't disappoint. It doesn't hurt that we can already see her looking chic in Ma-rin's trademark trench coats.

Gil Ra-im and Yoon Seul, Secret Garden, played by Ha Ji-won and Kim Sa-rang

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Our picks: Angel Locsin and Jessy Mendiola

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"Pwede si Angel as stuntwoman—may practice na sya kay Mocha sa Four Sisters and A Wedding. Hahaha!"—Eds, fan since My Girl

The two female leads in the K-Drama call for sassy women who men can't help but be attracted to, and we think Angel and Jessy both fit the bill perfectly. The Secret Garden "love square" involving these two gorgeous ladies would also be quite thrilling to watch, don't you think?

Yoo Hye-jung, Doctors, played by Park Shin Hye

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Our pick: Marian Rivera

"Marian can be siga, but she can be reserved when the role calls for maturity, kaya she'll be a great fit for Hye-jung."—Kat, fan since Stairway to Heaven

Here's another role that can only be pulled off by one tough cookie, and we all know that when it comes to being a badass female lead, Marian is ~*KWEEN*~. She hasn't starred in a medical drama yet, so that's something to look forward to.

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Shim Chung/Se-hwa, Legend of the Blue Sea, played by Jun Ji-Hyun

Our pick: Anne Curtis

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"Her fascinating roles in Dyosa and in Dyesebel has proven her mermaid skills, and her character makes her the perfect fit for the LOTBS lead. Plus points for her kulit levels!"—Twila, fan since Full House

If Anne can channel her unbeatable energy into playing Shim Chung and adlib with some of the antics she shows on her noontime show, the Pinoy remake of this series will definitely be entertaining. We wonder who would be the perfect Lee Min-ho if Anne was Shim Chung...

Hong Ra-on, Love in the Moonlight, played by Kim Yoo-jung

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Our pick: Kim Chiu

"Kamukha nya si Kim Yoo-jung—'yun na talaga! Effortless! Parehas pa Kim oh. Medyo flat chested pa siya, so kaya niya mag-disguise na guy [like how Hong Ra-on disguised herself as eunuch]"—Boiz, fan since Princess Hours

Kim is also no stranger to pretending to be a guy in a series with her stint in My Binondo Girl. She's also such a darling in many of the roles she's played before, so she'll definitely do Hong Ra-on justice. Don't you think the chinita's resemblance to Kim Yoo-jung is uncanny, too?

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No Eul, Uncontrollably Fond, played by Bae Suzy

Our pick: Maja Salvador

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"Bagay si Maja sa role kasi kayang kaya nyang dalhin 'yung 'kunyari-wala-akong-feelings-pero-in-love-talaga-ko-sa'yo' role. Haha! Tsaka keri nya din yung 'ate' feels [since No Eul's love for her brother in the series is totally epic]."—Ceejei, fan since Sassy Girl Chun-hyang

Couldn't have said it better! Maja has her fair share of heavy dramas and rom-coms, and in each one, you're moved by her character Every. Single. Time. She can really take the No Eul role up a notch and make it more lovable ('cause many fans agree that it was really Kim Woo Bin's Shin Joon-Young role that got everyone hooked on Uncontrollably Fond).

Ji Eun-tak, Goblin, played by Kim Go-eun

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Our pick: Erich Gonzales

"Kasi sweet 'yung image niya, and 'yung face niya pwedeng student [like Ji Eun-tak], pwede ring mature [when the series fast-forwarded to show the life of a 30-year-old Ji Eun-tak]"—Yela, fan since Full House

Ji Eun-tak has loads of cuteness and energy, which Erich can deliver, as seen on her various rom com roles. Plus, with her versatility as an actress (have you seen her in Katorse?), she can bring on the drama during those overwhelmingly heartbreaking scenes in Goblin.

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Cha Eun-sang, The Heirs, played by Park Shin-hye

Our pick: Nadine Lustre

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"Nadine has this go-getter personality, but she stays grounded—and it's one of our fave things about Cha Eun-sang. Nadine can nail that role."—Paulina, fan since My Girl

Remember all those times Cha Eun-sang broke our hearts when she cried about her misfortunes and all those times we cheered her on when she showed her spunk and optimism despite her miseries? It's just like how Nadz always gets us on her side and makes us wish for her happy ending in teleseryes and movies. Can James Reid pull off Lee Min-ho's role?

Hae Soo/Go Ha-jin, Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo, played by IU

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Our pick: Kathryn Bernardo

"Medyo mag-kamukha sila tapos cute sila pareho kaya bagay. Nai-imagine ko na rin na bagay kay Kathryn 'yung Korean traditional costume."—Trina, fan since Boys Over Flowers

Any role that Kathryn plays becomes 100% lovable. Sounds like Go Ha-jin, really, who plucked at the heartstrings and brightened up the lives of the super gwapo princes in the story. 

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Mi-ho, My Girlfriend Is a Gumiho, played by Shin Min-ah

Our pick: Liza Soberano

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"Perfect 'yung stunning beauty niya sa role na gumiho, plus 'yung playful personality niya match sa role."—Yela, fan since Full House

If there's anything we can all agree on, it's that Liza Soberano is one of THE MOST beautiful faces in showbiz—which means playing a ~*legendary*~ nine-tailed fox definitely suits her. Her charm as an actress is at par with Shin Min-ah, too. Now who can be that guy she wraps around her, err, tails?


Bora, Cheese in the Trap, played by Park Min-Ji

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Sandara Park


Bora's just a supporting character, and Dara's not a Pinay, we know, but in our hearts, she'll always be a Kapamilya. As seen in various rom-coms and 2NE1 appearances, Dara's charm makes her perfect as the lead girl's cheerful and blunt bestie. And guess what? Korean producers agree! In fact, Dara will be playing Bora in the movie adaptation of Cheese in the Trap. SERIOUSLY. CAN'T. WAIT. OMO!

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You might say, "Wait, what about Lee Sung-kyung's role in Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-joo?" Virtually everyone who watched the show became OBSESSED with Kim Bok-joo, and the role definitely calls for a ~unicorn~ who's totally SWAG. So which actress do you think could play the role?

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