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People Are Gushing Over Joshua Garcia And Janella Salvador's *Undeniable Chemistry* In 'The Killer Bride'

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Maja Salvador's newest teleserye, The Killer Bride, aired its premiere episode on August 12! According to the show's iWant description, The Killer Bride is set in the fictional town of Las Espadas, a place that has been haunted by the ghost of Camila Dela Torre (Maja) for years. Camila was a rich heiress who was imprisoned for the murder of her fiancé's (Geoff Eigenmann) brother, even though she pleaded that she was innocent. Urban legend says that she's waiting for the right moment to take revenge on the people who hurt her. One night, a newcomer named Emma (Janella Salvador) shows up and claims that Camila has taken over her body! WHOA. 


Aside from the show's interesting ~supernatural~ premise, The Killer Bride has been gaining a lot of attention because Janella has been paired with Joshua Garcia for the first time ever! In the show, Joshua plays Janella's love interest Elias—a guy who doesn't believe in ghosts at all, especially in the Killer Bride.

Their characters had their first meeting during the August 15 episode of the show, and Twitter is already rooting for "JoshNella" as early as now. The word "Elias" was even in the top trending spot last night! 

Here's what happened during their meet-cute: City girl Emma arrives in Las Espadas, where she LITERALLY falls into Elias! He introduces himself and offers to drive Emma to her location—the funeral parlor. At first, she resists and protests because she doesn't know him, but she eventually relents when Elias' friends vouch for him. 

Here's what the Twitterverse is saying: 

The Joshua and Janella love team is ~meant to be~.  

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This just might be the cutest awkward car ride ever: 

People are even claiming that they're following some of the most successful love teams' footsteps! 

The replies to these tweets are name-dropping Rico Yan + Claudine Barretto and John Lloyd Cruz + Bea Alonzo

Janella herself tweeted about the episode, saying, "Taray ng grand entrance ni Emma!"

Both Joshua and Janella went through a series of controversies in 2018 and 2019, and we're just so happy that they're making their teleserye comebacks! BRB, binge-watching the show's first episodes on iWant! 

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