Real-Life Love Stories On Instagram's "The Way We Met"

Too, too sweet!

Here’s one Instagram account all romantics must follow. The Way We Met (@thewaywemet) features real-life couples who’ve submitted their photo along with their love story. Here are a few of our faves! Get ready for some major kilig!

"I was walking with my friends on Rodeo Drive and he was modeling in the Yves Saint Laurent Store. I saw him and asked my friend for a piece of paper and wrote down my name and phone number. I walked inside and said Hi (I didn't speak English at the time, I only knew how to say hi and bye) and gave him the paper. He texted me the same day saying 'Hello, It's Austin, the guy from the store.' I didn't know how to answer because I couldn't write it! Google translate helped me A LOT. I asked him on a date the next day and we went for ice cream and talked like Indians. One month into dating, I told him I was leaving for Spain and if he wanted something serious with me, he needed to meet my parents. And he did...he traveled to Spain to meet my family. 2 years later here we are, married."

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"Andrew was my first boyfriend over 10 years ago, he's been my only boyfriend, and will soon be my last boyfriend; were getting married in August."

"My husband and I met in the most romantic way possible; in a men's restroom. We both had volunteered to clean our local church building. As I was changing the trash can liner in the bathroom, he walked in to mop the floors. I knew it in that moment, I had just met my future husband. 13 months later, we were married. A year after that, we welcomed our little boy into the world, who is now 3 months old."

"A couple of years ago I needed some new running shoes, so I went to a sports store close to where I live. There was this guy with green eyes who worked there and asked me if I needed help. With butterflies in my stomach, I told him I was a personal trainer and needed new running shoes. We started talking and eventually he sold me a pair and I left the store. A few days later, I started seeing him at the gym where I worked and we ended up working out together (couples who train together stay together). Today we are married with a beautiful daughter. It's my own Cinderella story, but instead of a glass slipper, my prince gave me a pair of Nikes."

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"We met at my sister's wedding; he was one of the videographers. We saw each other for the first time as I walked through the front door. He looked at me and said "Wow you're beautiful." There were moments throughout the night where I would catch him staring at me, and he would catch me staring at him too. Until this day, he still tells me I'm the most beautiful bridesmaid he's ever seen. He was there to capture the memories for my sister's most important day, and now we're making our own memories. He makes me feel beautiful."

"I met my boyfriend at a karaoke competition. I was immediately intrigued while hearing his entertaining version of "Mr. Roboto," and he was smitten after my rendition of "Let it Go" from Frozen. Neither of us won the first place cash prize, but we walked away with something much better." 

 "So how did this southern belle from South Carolina and this city boy from Michigan end up together? It all started 2 years ago when we met on a college internship program at Disney. We worked together for nearly 5 months before we realized we were perfect for each other. After that we were inseparable; stealing kisses from each other at work and trying to hide it from our co-workers. When the internship ended, our relationship was long distance for a while because I had to go back to school and he stayed to pursue his career. Now, we live together in Orlando where our fairytale began. I guess the moral of the story is Disney Magic IS real!"

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