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All The 'Reply 1988' References In 'Record Of Youth' (So Far)


In Record Of Youth, Park Bo Gum stars as a model-turned-struggling-actor named Sa Hye Jun who lives with his parents, brother, and grandfather. His best buddy is a *rich kid* named Hae Hyo (Byeon Woo Seok), and they both become friends with talented makeup artist Jeong Ha (Park So Dam). And just so you know, Jeong Ha is a big fan of Se Jun's even before meeting him! 

Bo Gum rose to leading man status after his role as Choi Taek in the 2015 drama Reply 1988And because we love both shows so much, we couldn't help but notice some Reply 1988 *golden nuggets* in Record Of Youth. Here are the ones we spotted (so far): 

The similarities between  Hye Jun and Jung Hwan's houses

After the first episode, fans were quick to point out that Sa Hye Jun's house—both its exterior and interior—looks like Jung Hwan and Deok Sun's half basement house in Reply 1988


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When Bo Gum sang "Don't Worry" during karaoke night 

Okay, so it was during a behind-the-scenes video...but still! "Don't Worry" by Lee Juck, which talks about leaving the past behind, was part of Reply 1988's OST in 2015. In a recent interview, Bo Gum shared that "Don't Worry" and "Together" are his fave songs from the show: "I like the message that each of the songs convey, as well as the vibe that they have. They make me feel peaceful and I want to listen to them over and over again." (Via Soompi

Watch Bo Gum singing his heart out below (in 3:56, you can even see clips from Reply 1988 in the background!): 

*October 5 Update* 

Hyeri will be making a cameo appearance soon! 

According to a report by SoompiHyeriLee Sung Kyung, and Kang Han Na will be making special cameos in Record Of Youth and they will "give a more realistic portrayal of the entertainment industry." In 2015, Hyeri played the role of Reply 1988 leading lady Deok Sun, who ends up marrying Bo Gum's character Choi Taek in the show. Bo Gum and Hyeri were also part of a mini-Reply 1988 reunion before he enlisted in the military. 

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