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WATCH: Rica Peralejo's Baby Is Kicking Strongly In Her Belly At 36 Weeks

The soon-to-be-born baby is 'so malikot!'

At 36 weeks, Rica Peralejo-Bonifacio’s baby is “so malikot,” and she caught the baby boy’s strong kicks in her belly on cam. Seriously, it’s like a party in there—though for the mama, it feels like “someone punched me from inside.” Rica says their eldest, Philip, was “not like this at all, so from the get-go, we know I am getting a completely new kind of human being! Exciting.”

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This is just the latest of Rica’s videos showing the kicking baby in her belly. Looks like someone’s excited to meet his mom and family!

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Before this pregnancy, the mom vlogger suffered two miscarriages. Now taking pills and having injections for a safe pregnancy, she proudly shows off her belly marks and bruises. In a Hawaii post showing her baby bump, Rica says, “They don’t take away from the glory that life brings, don’t you think so?”

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