Richard Gomez: 5 Things We Learned About The Eternal Hunk

Admit it—you once had a silly schoolgirl crush on this erstwhile matinee idol. Find out how much Goma has changed since his bachelor days!
  1. Getting older has mellowed him down, romance-wise.

    “One thing I learned about relationships that I didn’t know when I was single is how to take care of them, how to nurture them. You know, when you're young, you're very aggressive. When you're [older] you can look [at it] the other way around then focus on your partner.”

  2. What he loves most about Lucy is her thoughtfulness.

    “She cares for me a lot. She worries about me and she loves me so much.”

  3. Even though he has been married for 11 years, he believes in keeping the flame of romance alive...

    “You always have to [inject romance into marriage]. Romance is an integral part of being married. It comes in many forms and in many different ways.”

  4. ...And one way they keep that flame burning is by hitting the road.

    “For me and Lucy, it’s a continued honeymoon every time we take a vacation. We treat [every escape] that way.”

  5. He may be an old trout by today’s showbiz standards, but Goma still has a mighty pair of gams that could put any newbie actor to shame!

    “My favorite part of my body is my legs. They're well-developed. They're very powerful, fast, and strong. My legs developed through the years since I was a kid. I love playing [sports] and running. I was very much into sports, so up to this day my legs are very strong.”

With reports by Sharline Bareng
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