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7 'Run On' Cast Members To Follow On Instagram *Right This Second*


My new favorite K-drama, Run On, is a romantic series about a gutsy foreign film translator (Shin Se Kyung) and a track-and-field athlete who always stands up for what's right (Im Siwan). There's just something sooo soothing about a "grown-up" love story, where the characters constantly try to communicate with each other even though it's hard. The show's supporting characterswhich include a painter, a CEO, a K-pop idol, and a pro golferare pretty interesting, too!  

Here's a roundup of the Run On cast members' IG accounts, because I'm sure you want to know more about their lives:  

1. Im Siwan as Ki Seon Gyeom

Instagram handle: @yim_siwang

Why you should hit the Follow button: Aside from being super cute and adorable, Im Siwan constantly posts photos of him eating on his account! We also see him joining marathons and trying out the latest filters. We found out that he loves the movie Parasite, too. Do enjoy this vid of Im Siwan showing us how cold it is in South Korea during the winter: 

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2. Shin Se Kyung as Oh Mi Joo

Instagram handle: @sjkuksee and @___sjkuksee

Why you should hit the Follow button: Yup, she actually has two Insta accounts! Her main account shows Se Kyung's endorsements, home and "fur mom" life, and behind-the-scenes photos from her acting projects, while her second account is devoted to more ~aesthetic~ photos of food, travel destinations, and art. 

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3. Kang Tae Oh as Lee Young Hwa

Instagram handle: @kto940620

Why you should hit the Follow button: One important thing I noticed is that Kang Tae Oh really values safety because he's always wearing a mask in the photos where he's not on set. Adorbs! Based on his IG account, he also loves ~frolicking in the snow~ and sharing outtakes from his dramas. 

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4. Sooyoung as Seo Dan Ah

Instagram handle: @sooyoungchoi

Why you should hit the Follow button: Who doesn't love seeing Sooyoung's posts with Girls' Generation? We also love gushing over her fashionable IG posts and travels. 

5. Lee Jung Ha as Kim Woo Shik

Instagram handle:

Why you should hit the Follow button: Woo Shiiiik! In Run OnLee Jung Ha plays a young, bullied athlete who idolizes his senior Ki Seon Gyeom. At present, the actor only has 24 posts, but we're looking forward to more updates. He's pretty active on Instagram Stories and he has a separate IG account for his doggo

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6. Ryu Abel as Ki Eun Bi 

Instagram handle: @ryuabell

Why you should hit the Follow button: Ryu Abel, who plays Seon Gyeom's famous golfer sister in the show, is actually the sister of Reply 1988's Ryu Hye Young! Her IG account is full of *artsy* shots, photos of herself in theater plays, and indie + mainstream movie screenings. 

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7. Choi Jae Hyun as Seo Tae Woong

Instagram handle: @choijaehyun7

Why you should hit the Follow button: While he plays a *sometimes spoiled* idol in Run On, Choi Jae Hyun is actually super fun on Instagram! He takes selfies with THE MOST RANDOM THINGS, and he even has a Midsommar-inspired photo

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Bonus: Kim Seon Ho 

Instagram handle: @seonho__kim

Why you should hit the Follow button: While we're patiently waiting for his Run On cameo and other future projects, do enjoy all the Kim Seon Ho cuteness on his IG! 

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Run On is currently available for streaming on Netflix, with new episodes every Wednesday and Thursday.  


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