You Have To Watch Sandara Park's 'Look What You Made Me Do' Dance Cover

Slay, Dara, slay!
PHOTO: YouTube/Dara TV

Sandara Park is sizzling in her latest dance cover of Taylor Swift's "Look What You Made Do."

The former 2NE1 member just uploaded a video on her YouTube channel, Dara TV, capturing her fierce dance moves, together with those of Korean hip-hop dancer and choreographer, Lia Kim. ICYDK, Lia Kim has choreographed for SNSD (Girls Generation), 2NE1, and TWICE, among other big K-pop groups.

Sandara started posting clips of the video and snippets of the behind-the-scenes action yesterday on her Instagram account.

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It looks like the dance cover was for a South Korean talk show called Video Star. 

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We're guessing we'll start to see more song and dance-related videos like these on Dara TV, based on another IG post from Sandara.

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"What’s next?! I really have plans of uploading music-related videos. Like me singing, playing my guitar or playing the drums. #daratv I hope you continue supporting me and all of my activities!!! Thank you Blackjacks!!!"

Sandara has been spotted recently at Paris Fashion Week, sporting blonde hair. She and fellow former 2NE1 member Bom Park were supposed to be part of the 2019 K-Pop Superconcert, but this got canceled, so they're preparing a version of their performance on Dara TV instead.

Watch Sandara's "Look What You Made Me Do" dance cover here:

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