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Sarah Lahbati On Body Shamers: 'I deserve respect'

PHOTO: Instagram/sarahlahbati

Sarah Lahbati, who's currently six months pregnant, revealed on social media that she's been experiencing body shaming because of her changing pregnant body. The actress posted a note on Twitter and on Instagram to address the issue. She wrote, "I'm six months pregnant and getting body shamed. 'Ang taba mo,' 'ang laki mo,' 'loshang' etc. DID YOU FORGET I AM CARRYING A CHILD. I am growing a baby inside of me and you are shaming me. This doesn't just happen to me."

She continued, "What happened to women supporting each other? Praising each other as mothers? Why can't we accept that our bodies are made to change during pregnancy because THERE IS A GROWING BABY INSIDE? Respect pregnant women and think before you judge or open your mouth. If you're here to do that and be disrespectful, unfollow me and get out of my page. I deserve respect and will not allow anyone to step on me for being pregnant. This goes out to all pregnant women: we all deserve to be happy and focus on our growing baby. Let's stay positive, happy, and mind our own business, everyone!"


In October, Sarah proudly flaunted her baby bump while on vacation with her fiancé Richard Gutierrez and son Zion. Four months into her pregnancy, Sarah shared, "Four months pregnant. Big thighs, wide waistline, big everything, BIG HEART. Nothing and no one will crush my happiness. Peace and love, always."

Sarah was last seen in public attending the Preview Best Dressed Ball looking radiant and gorgeous in a body-hugging Boom Sason dress.

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